Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Term Wear: Wk 1 & Some Oldies

First Lectures This Week:
Tuesday: blue ruffle short-sleeve button-up; thrifted black pencil skirt, black suede flats, gray cardi, reused black belt, silver hoop earrings w/ pink/purple accents, black bangle

Wednesday: crappy photo--sorry!
mustard cardi, blue ruffle tunic, thrifted gray pencil skirt, blue flats, blue & gold necklace, gold bracelet

Work Outfit:
black suede boots, white button-up, mustard cardi, black belt, denim pencil skirt

Happy Hour:
skinnies, red flats, black long sleeve shirt, afghan scarf, red coat

This has become a favorite...and I almost got rid of this shirt.
Skinnies, black flats, tuxedo inspired teal top

Lunch w/ Girlfriends:
skinnies, black flats, ruffled dotted BR tunic, mustard cardi

Casual Day:
skinnies, red shoes, red scarf, tan striped sweater

A) I've told all my students not to expect to see me in pants this term.
B) Obviously I love my skinnies lately---better wear them while I can!
C) Does it count if Mom sent a thrifted skirt to me?
D) Looking at old outfit posts, I'm loving my thinner thighs...but I miss my old curves sometimes!
E) I moved the bed over in my room and moved all my clothes & accessories back into my actual bedroom; makes showering & dressing easier, but obviously based on the first two photos, I'm still struggling to find a mirror with good lighting! :)
F) I also have a love affair w/ that mustard cardi obviously.
G) I've been thinking about taking up knitting again.....
H) I'm pretty sure that a skirt, flats, shirt, & cardi is going to be my work uniform this term.
I) Apparently this week was also full of the blues...ha! I didn't even realize until I looked at the pictures that I'd worn the same general color last night!
J) So far, this 2013 clothes challenge doesn't seem very hard.

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  1. I love that mustard cardi! I say wear it as much as you want!