Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Term Wear: Wk 2

Tuesday Lecture:
Hand-me-down skirt; white cami; old re-sized teal ruffle sweater; reused belt; black suede flats

Wednesday Lecture: 
BR outlet button-down; old Target khaki skirt; old brown flats; brown belt (to resize the shirt mainly); brown cardigan; wood bracelet & necklace

So over at Literate & Stylish, the question got we ever post outfit fails? Ha, um, yes, looking back at many of the work outfits I posted during winter term last year, I'm all like "what the heck was I thinking?" I feel like in the last year I've learned a lot more about how to better dress my body. Tonight's outfit was a take off of last Tuesday's outfit obviously. The cardigan and belt did a great job of helping the pink shirt look like it fits and luckily mom had taken the sweater above in earlier this summer (plus tucking it in took care of the rest). My goal this term is both the usual (to wear different stuff each day) but to also try to mix up patterns etc, although I'd have to say that at this point I probably have some fairly standard uniforms that I know work for me. 

Most of today was spent grading my online courses and lectures this week went really well. The training/workshop on Friday helped refresh some of the old teaching strategies I'd learned in my teaching program and we're all challenged to implement them in our courses this term, so it was sorta fun to switch some stuff up (and increase application levels of learning) this week especially. The second week of the term I always have students watch a segment of Unnatural Causes, which opens the discussion about social determinants of health--very eye opening, sometimes controversial  and yet thought provoking material for most students. Next week will be packed with lecture so I'll have to see if I can integrate some other learning strategies as well. Still LOVING my job and so far, it seems like I'll have two good groups again--always incredibly different groups of students each term, but that's part of what keeps it entertaining. 

This 2013 feels like it might fly by though--already halfway into January and into week two of the eleven week term---woosh!


  1. Oh man, I amm envious of your ability to have bare legs and wear short sleeved tops. It's crazy cold here right now! Like our high for Monday is -2F. Ahhh! So I am all bundled up and just trying to stay warm. Which results in me feeling pretty frumpy. I love all those outfits, though!

    1. That definitely does sound cold---woosh! I'd HAVE to break down and buy new pants in that weather. I hear ya about the extra layers making one feel frumpy. BTW Know that I'm thinking of ya gal!!

  2. I haven't heard of that documentary before. I will have to look it up and see if I can find it online to watch, sounds good!

    1. One of my students said you can watch each episode for $3 but I'm not sure where he was looking? It's a series though from PBS I believe. Came out in 2008 and was widely talked about in public health circles--good stuff but it didn't really hit the mainstream circuit.