Monday, January 14, 2013

Memorable Moments: Two

Things that make me smile, bring me joy, create the feeling of gratitude, or transmit laughter:

---Scrounging up $5 in quarters from a stash in the house as my "donation" to have my two Christmas trees hauled outta my driveway. No clue who the young guy knocking on my front door was but I felt like a teenager while searching for change in order to receive my "treat!"

---Lazy mornings of coffee, reviewing email/blogs, searching for jobs and updates, taking care of "business," and surrounded by my furry friends.

---Improtu last minute visit from Dad--primarily to visit Granny but still nice to have him in my home for an evening/morning!

---Good news for my cousin A, leaving me smiling on her behalf for days! :)

---Rearranging furniture/closets.....creating change in other ways.

---Students telling me at the conclusion of class one how excited they are for a term with me--ha. And positive feedback from students via email as well.

---Creating class playlists on day one based on suggestions from students as they did introductions. One of my most fun ideas yet and something the students can listen to for fun as well.

---Chilly afternoon jogs with the dogs and watching their breath steam out into the sky.

---A LATE sleeping in morning of the deepest sleep I've had in months...and feeling energized upon waking!

---Mood re-set worthy work-outs---easy jogs with happy dogs and sweat pouring Insanity DVDs.

---An evening dinner with an old housemate and his lady---good drinks & shrimp fajitas--DELISH, and great conversation to boot.

---A morning reading the Bible with soft snow flakes drifting down out the window, dogs settled by my feet, cats curled up in their respective chairs, Bible reading and the weather soothing my unsettled soul.

---Frozen hands and exploding bladders during the CHILLY walk N, adorable lil Buddha, and I shared along the waterfront on Sunday. Good conversation about exes and the potential/issues of dating/new relationships with other people. Always so thankful for the fun and insights provided by this dude!

---Wearing the exact.same outfit three times in one week just.because.I.can! :) (and it was warm!)

---An evening spent up at my aunt and uncle's with the housemate along too. Fed, w(h)ined, and football watching combined!

---Dance party moments...and the simple joy of Pandora. Swaying hips and hands in the air, singing in the shower and in the car.

---THE tea cupboard stash. A sale at Whole Foods and my naturopath's advice have produced the creation of an entire tea cupboard between the housemate and I.

---Dave's Killer Sin Dawg bread. Finally refound this deliciousness this! Most definitely put a big ol' smile over this face!!

---Quiet but packed tea houses in NE Portland while meeting my gal N for tea and conversation. Good catching up between the two of us and great Portland watching (why are all people in Portland the.exact.same?). Great insights and advice offered from N via text later in the afternoon!

---A productive morning and evening of job applications, cleaning, scheduling and general organization!

---Slight moments of sunshine bursting through the gray Oregon gloom.

What are some great moments you've been noticing lately?


  1. We had a beautiful day here yesterday...I think it reached 57 degrees! I wish that it would stay, but seeing as how we have several more months of winter left, I don't think I will hold my breath. It definitely snapped me out of a post-holiday funk that had been hanging around since all of us had been sick. It is a new day! And we have our CSA share pickup today :-) It really is the little things!

    1. Oh so true---the little things become big things! :) And gal, I love that you also say "seeing as"..... I say it all the time but rarely hear it used by it :)