Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Wear: Wk 4 & 5

Thursday: Family Evening
My cousin and her kiddos were in town, so the aunt hosted all us extended family up at her place for dessert and vino. 
Skinnies, mustard cardi, blue ruffled blouse, leopard flats

FRIDAY: Conference
Again with the tucked in sweater :)
My favorite part of this? 
A) The bare legs that felt the sun during lunch eaten outdoors!
B) The wood Ukranian necklace from the flea market in San Antonio on my trip to see my buddy M in 2010.
Merlot pencil skirt, Target sweater

Conference was great---good information this year! Connected with quite a few of my colleagues and met a new colleague!

MONDAY: Casual Date Meeting 
What do you wear to be both casual but maybe cute when you're incredibly beat after a 9 mile snowshoe? I guess this....GREAT conversation and while not really my type, that's the point of all this dating stuff...but he later reported not feeling the chemistry there (potentially more on this later...).
Floral tunic, skinnies, ruffled teal cardi, orange flats, N's handmade earrings

TUESDAY: Meeting & Lecture 
Have I mentioned my love of repeats within a week? :)
This is a go-to in ten minutes.
Target sweater, black thrifted pencil skirt, black leather boots 
and worn with my red hooded pea coat

PS Don't get me started on the meeting that was to happen and didn't, after being the third misscheduling.......
Commence all day of grading until evening class.

Thrown together in literally five minutes.

gray thrifted pencil skirt, black flats, old purple tank, floral blouse

Class tonight: Nutrition--lecture on the macro & micro nutrients, phytochemicals, and the MyPlate guidelines; demonstration of changes in portion sizes & of fat/sugar substitution
Jamie Oliver's TED Talk 
Michael Pollan's lecture on youtube

THURSDAY: Acupuncture Friendly-Errands-Happy Hour-Granny Visit 
This outfit makes me say "Portlandia." Would not wear again with leggings as it just didn't feel "me," but for acupuncture it's best to wear something easy and flowy. I've thought about getting rid of this dress so many times as I feel that the print just might be too big for me....

Hand-me down dress, old black cami, black leggings, black flats, black cardi, black accessories

Acupuncture went pretty well today---different practioner, tons of points, extra heat lamps, on my stomach and almost totally relaxed.
Did my once every six weeks Costco trip and stocked up on goods. Did other grocery shopping after class last night--deciding to make this a routine to ensure I'm maintaining fresh foods. Quick stop at Whole Foods for flax seed and a few other deals before meeting my gal T for happy hour at our Old Chicago grounds. From there drove over to spend the evening with Granny!

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  1. Fun! I love all your outfits. I am envious of your ability to have bare legs! It's been too cold here to even wear tights! But it is warming up to the 30s this week. Woo hoo!