Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Term Wear: Week 6

Tuesday: Lecture
Basics....ran out of time...again. Work-cut jean skirt, black suede flats, white button-up and gray Target cardigan over top. 

Wednesday: Lecture 
I'm not gonna lie...I personally love this. I was just getting out of the shower when I got a text that the ex was en route to finally transport the rest of his stuff out of the house, so I grabbed what I could think of...and this was it. But the colors and the vibe scream "me." I know I've pretty much worn this same outfit before....and I'm good with it ;)

Tunic was a hand-me down from Deir's closet and has been resized. Skirt & cardigan are both Target and over 1-3 years old. Shoes are old...and everything else has been shown before too :)

This week's lecture covered body image and eating/exercise disorders, body composition-current issues in the USA and biosociocultural influences as to our overweight/obesity issue, and fitness. Next class is the second exam....and then we're already into the last third of the course---where the heck has it gone?! My four classes for next term are already posted and available for me to prep---craziness!

BTW this week in my Wednesday course, my no-shop challenge came up in lecture conversation. Ironically some students were shocked....but hopefully it also got some of them to think about the fact that they definitely don't need to have a ton of clothes. I asked them if they'd seen me ever wear the same thing twice....and they all said no. So I made sure to point out that there's no need to buy more since what I already have more than suffices. Additional classroom food for thought for the masses....


  1. Very cool that you are making students think about how much they actually need :-)

  2. I also thin it is great that you are making student think about the want v. need paradigm. I think we have become a culture that thinks, 'I NEED this' when really, it's mostly wants that we express in day to day life. I try to think about that when I feel like I 'need' something as I usually really don't need it!