Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Wear: Wk 8

Tuesday Evening Lecture:
This week's topics were Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco. The students have the opportunity to have group discussions regarding the perception of adolescent drinking and gender stereotypes associated with drinking. Then we transitioned into an over-view of an article on binge drinking, where I help them learn how to break down the components of an academic article....and we discuss the definition of binge drinking and health impacts associated with it. Lecture on the three chapters and the students turn in an assignment about their experiences & attitudes regarding A&D. So more grading to do this week/end!

Wednesday Evening Lecture: 
This dress apparently led one of my female students feel the need to tell me that she thought I should wear much shorter skirts and dresses "since I work so hard, I should be showing off those gams." I told her I appreciated the compliment, but anything shorter would probably be better suited for my PERSONAL rather than PROFESSIONAL life, no? "Oh yea..."

Ironically, I went out with the housemate and his coworker after I got off work...and that same student and two others from this term were all out at the same establishment. Oh the irony that the first time I try to go out for some beers like that in a long time...I run into three students ;)

Anyway...this outfit was a new twist--uber professional sheath dress (which was a kick butt deal last year at Target ($13)) that I tried to dress down....

Thursday: Brews & Lunch w/ my brother 
I had every intention to be productive today and started out holing myself up in my new office area in the guest room (which I LOVE)....and then as the hours dragged on and the scholarship websites continued to be dawned on me that I hadn't talked with my brother for a while so I sent him a text to see if he was working in PDX today (he travels for work to trouble shoot photography equipment). Once he got a break, we were then able to head out for brews, lunch, and some catch-up conversation---definitely really nice to see him!

Still feeling like life/direction/my head is all over the place these days...and I forgot how distracting certain things in life can be, but I'm trying to push through! Two more weeks of in-person lectures and then the final is here! It's just about time to start prepping next term's courses!

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  1. Oh wow, I can't believe it's already finals time! This term is flying by! As usual, I love your outfits. I especially like the color of the base layer shirt in the last outfit.