Friday, February 8, 2013

Virtual Happy Hour

Spun off the post at Girl with Red Hair which is a spin off a spin (and I've seen this on other blogs)...I'm changing this slightly to be a Virtual Happy Hour. Conversations over brews can be some of the best (especially if there's great bites to be had!)

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If you and I were to meet over a beer....I'd probably try to listen to what you had to say first, as I've started realizing how incredibly easy it is for me to be both self-centered and self-serving...and because I truly want to know how YOU are doing in this incredible thing we call life....

If you and I were to meet over a beer...I'd probably share about the animals in my house. How Anna swiped my extra piece of toast w/ pear butter straight off my plate the minute I left the room. Or how Lady meowed on the roof tonight until I would let her back inside. Or how after all these years Major still desperately wants to make Lady his love...even though she can't stand him.

If you and I were to meet over a beer...I'd encourage you to watch the documentaries I watched this weekend. How Vegucated and Hungry for Change reinspired within me a focus on local and organic...and reminded me of how much we're a product of what we eat. How Vegucated showed the harsh reality of animal treatment within factory farms and that even though I've known...I haven't let myself KNOW. How I also went to the winter farmer's market on Saturday....and scoffed at $6/dozen eggs...and then bought bulk eggs at Costco, because I actually know the family that produces them. And that the films recreated some lost passion for the raised beds, the chicken coop, the home-canned goods I'm opening and to those to come....and potential future.

If you and I were to meet over a beer...I'd tell you how I was offered a supplemental teaching gig at my institution to teach a course for veterans....but that I can't take it as I'm already maxed out in credits in the health department. I'd tell you how excited I was while knowing it wasn't an easy opportunity...and how I'm slightly hopeful this might get me back into the veteran realm in a way that it's easier and healthier for me. I'd also tell you about staying after class on Tuesday for 35 minutes to chat with two of my veteran students offering support and understanding of their current experience....and how much part of me realizes that I AM gifted with this population....but yet it's hard to set boundaries and to face my own personal failures in the veteran realm.

If you and I were to meet over a beer....I'd share with you that the ex and I have been communicating for the last week...and I mean actually truly communicating for the first time in a long time. I'd assure you that our communication doesn't mean we're trying to become involved with each other and that we're both cognizant of the large gray area and need for boundaries. I'd also tell you that what's been shared during our communication has answered some questions, cleared some of the old frustrations/hurts/anger, and in many ways brought some extra peace to my soul.

If you and I were to meet over a beer....I'd tell you that the extra peace (and the communication) has quieted a lot of the pent-up anxiety and distractedness I've been feeling for the last few months. It's made me less borderline-obsessive about working out so hard and so much...and it's also ignited a desire in myself to try to enjoy food a bit more. This week I ate some cookies...and I've fixed regular meals during the last few days. I'd also tell you that this month just feels like a "rest" month for my body--a month of multiple days off from working out, a month to heal/restore/renew, and a month to fuel my body. I'd also (over)share with you and tell you that I want some of my fat back...if only because I miss my old boobs. ;)

If you and I were to meet over a beer....I'd share with you the fact that I don't know how I've become so busy....or how time gets away from me so fast. I'd tell you that I'm spending 2.5-3 days a week grading while still trying to see at least 1-2 friends/family socially each week, trying to still look/apply for jobs, communicate with potential dates (at least so they don't lose interest!), go to church and keep up on Bible reading, get out into nature, love on and run the dogs, interview/arrange a new housemate, continue to be a decent housemate to A who is still here til the end of this week, attend professional development opportunities, and all the other regular items of existing. I'd tell you that I'm unsure how I could do everything that needs to be done AND work a true full-time job on top of it, but that I know that life will settle a bit once taxes are filed and the housemate piece is fixed.

If you and I were to meet over a beer....I'd tell you how every day I'm learning new things about myself and areas that I can continue to work on both professionally and personally. I'm feeling that God has me where He wants me and that He'll continue to guide my path accordingly. I'd probably tell you that my boss and several others keep telling me not to give up on the naturopath idea...and how much basic food advice I've given out to people this week. That I'm listening to my inner voice to guide my realizations about how I behave in relationships (both romantic and platonic) and granting myself time to decide what to do with much of this information. I'd tell you how I both feel the gift and the pressure of time in life....and wonder at what point He'll truly show me to change the course of my direction.

If you and I were to meet over a beer....I might tell you that so far this clothing challenge is easy peasy although I am reusing items quite frequently. I could live in those thrifted skirts my mom found, my blouses, a few Ts, my skinnies, and flats. I might also tell you that the no spend challenge isn't too difficult since I just avoid stores like the plague. I might also tell you that even with being extra thrifty last month, I still went in the hole....and how fortunate and humbled I am that my parents feel honored to help me provide this month. The next two months my finances will be fine just on my own income (and with potential housemate) but I might also tell you how much of life truly feels like a humbling experience all around these days....

If you and I were to meet over a beer....I'd realize that happy hour was coming to an end...and that while there was still so much left on my heart and mind to share....that we both had other items to attend to. I'd  debate whether to give you a hug since I'm STILL gauging how to re-engage with some of my older behaviors that still seem so foreign.....and then I'd walk out with you and wish you a great rest of your evening and work week ahead!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I'm glad that you have had some positive things happening lately! You sound so busy! I think it is awesome that you are attempting to connect to others so much. I fail miserably in that respect. My kids keep me so busy that I never seem to be able to get out with I rely on our small group at church :-) Matt and I just watched Vegucated a couple weeks ago. We thought it was quite good!

  2. I am glad that you and Tall D have been having some healthy communications and that it's bringing you more of a sense of peace about that.

    You do sound busy! It is crazy how time gets away from us. After I took the CFA last summer, I gained 15-20 hours of my week back, but the time still flew and now I am back in study mode and have once again given up about 18 hours a week and I scratch my head and wonder what I did with all of my time in July-Dec (well, besides traveling a lot for work).