Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Point Defiance Park Visit

Baby cousin lives in Tacoma with a husband who is currently deployed, so cousin A and I had scheduled to go spend today with her. Was great to finally see their first apartment, go out to lunch together, explore a lil bit of the area, give baby cuz some love, and help her decorate her place for fall. She's an incredibly spirited lil gal who has done a great job of showing her strength throughout this short deployment--but let's be real: deployments and being alone/carless in a new location are in NO way fun at all. Definitely will be trying to get in on more regular visits when he's gone, especially as Tacoma's only three hours away...

Here are some pictures of the trek we did around GORGEOUS Point Defiance Park: 

Owen's Beach @ Point Defiance Park
Cousins: A & S seated looking at the harbor

Absolutely gorgeous drive on the way back--sunshine, trees are just barely starting to turn, and the most beautiful large sunset I've seen in years. Windows down (partly due to the fact that the water proofing spray was still permeating the air--DOH!) and country music blaring---what a great drive back from an enjoyable afternoon. Much love to both my cousins!


  1. The flowers are beautiful! And so great that you could spend some time with family!

  2. oh wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful area. You are so lucky that you live so close to the water! The last photo is just stunning!