Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here's to a Closet Clean-Out!

Yesterday's Outfit (sorry for the horrible quality):
Skinny jeans: Ha-Walmart (2 years ago)
Granny cardigan: Thrifted (years ago)
Embellished blue tunic: D's closet
Clutch: recent Kohl's $25
Sandals: Steve Madden via recent Ross $12
Gold earrings: mom's closet
Gold bracelet: art museum gift store $20

Yes, I know you can't see this outfit and I actually only wore the old lady sweater for about an hour during errands..and yes, I attempted to belt it all to actually accentuate my waist. And then I took the belt off, stopped worrying about the flowy shirt making me look preggers, and I ran out the door.....and actually came to love the combo the longer I wore it! :)

Today's Outfit:
Black shirt: Target
Olive green cargo skirt: D's closet
(To be added) Black T strap sandals: Ether's on NW 23rd $20
Black accessories: clearance Target

This particular outfit cracks me up....because I swear to you that I wore almost the exact same thing my junior year of high school. Although back then the black shirt said Banana Republic and the skirt was actual khaki color....and the sandals were clunky Doc Marten's. Yep...those were the days, especially since the summer before Mom somehow got this notion to spoil me with a mega shopping trip. I'm pretty sure that summer is the only time I bought legit name brand stuff...without it being from an outlet that is. Ha...back when I thought paying a company to advertise for them by wearing their name on me was the cool thing to do! :) 
 I can't decide if this combination is just the modern take on a time-less classic combo....or if I'm just throwing back to casual high school days. Ha! Regardless it's easy peasy...and that pretty much makes it a viable outfit option for me on a summer day.

Closet-Cleanouts are Happy Enducing:
Now, why am I posting these bad pictures of outfits? (And don't answer that it's cause my pictures are almost always blurry and shadow-y! :)) I'm posting because I'm stoked that my gal D cleaned out her closet while I was visiting....and the best type of clothes to get are of the free variety! :) Plus there's almost nothing as fun as standing in your girlfriend's walk-in closet pulling on and off multiple garments and chatting about what works and what doesn't. So I came back with two dresses, the tunic, four skirts, and four tanks somehow shoved into my already full carry-on luggage. (One dress was one I'd borrowed on my 2009 trip and LOVED, so I'd secretly hoped it might be in the mentioned give-away pile. And there's a sleeveless white button-up in there that's outside my usual comfort style zone that I got talked into...but it might be a decent addition to remedy my overheating while teaching! Outside comfort zone but free goods=give it a worthwhile chance....) While Mom's here, I'm going to have her alter a few of the tops to help them fit better....and I also might have her help me play closet clean-out so she can pass on any extras of mine to some of her old co-workers back home. I feel like I wear most of what I have throughout the year, but I'm in that stage where I still have some pieces from the South that I love but that don't cover as much as I'd like these days when I have male students oogling. So I'm sure I can weed out a few pieces, and it's always nice when you can keep the cycle continuing...

...plus I need to put myself on a spending freeze...stat. I remember when I first got into the simplicity movement, how easily I cleaned out my closet and was able to live on so much less (both of $ and of stuff). Beyond weeding things out and consolidating, I'm also thinking about tracking my money for the month so I can monitor spending/budgeting.....some of those old financial habits and other traits are starting to come back.

Have you cleaned out your closet/cupboards lately or have you scored any awesome free goodies?!


  1. THe manfriend actually did some decluttering of our living room and it was awesome! He made me go through a bunch of magazines and recipes I'd torn out. The room looks clean and simple now and so relaxing. I'm so thankful he took the time to do that!

    1. Awesome! It's amazing how much streamlined and organized surroundings can make us feel better, no?! Glad you stopped by :)