Saturday, September 1, 2012

Evening GratiTUDES: Part Tres

Since I was gone yesterday, I spent part of the evening thinking about things I was thankful for....and I've sure been thinking about them today too!

The last two days I've been thankful for:
---Quality time with a new pal bumming around in the woods. The scenery was gorgeous. The physical movement was fulfilling.....and there's nothing quite like Anna's perma-hiking-smile. :)

---No issues on the overnight trip. Safety. Easy parking, easy traffic. No dog flip outs or injuries. Everything set up and functioned well.

---Flexibility and patience.

---Tall D letting me borrow his parking pass, the tent, water filter, jet boil, his knife, his headlamp....and providing me with a new backpacking meal to try and offering all sorts of other camping help. Plus his suggestion to do Eagle Creek.

---Having the opportunity to just lay a few of my thoughts out on the table with no muss, no fuss.

---An appointment with the new potential therapist for Monday night. No payment required for first go and she seems friendly to boot.

---Completed a job application prior to leaving yesterday and found quite a few other potentials around the state and out of state while looking tonight.

---Understanding and supportive landlords.

---Fun texts from my aunts and cousin who are over enjoying the family beach cabin together.

---Mom's visit starts and I won't be alone again until Katie leaves mid next week!

---An afternoon cuddle session with an impatient Lady cat. Apparently she needed her entire month of love in a five minute pet & purr session! For a cat who rarely likes attention, it was quite entertaining.

---An hour laying out in the afternoon sun on the patio.

---My brother doing some outdoor enjoyment of his own in Central Oregon.

---Invitations out with friends. I love being asked to do things--even when I'm too tired to be able to join in!

---Pleasantries and small talk exchanged with many other trail patrons along the way!

---Four eggs and the first ripe tomato waiting for me when I got home.

---The ease of researching travel, work, housing, school, and all sorts of options via the internet.

---Delicious smoothies, fresh veggies, and egg scrambles to replenish.

---Accomplishing another year 30 goal and also continuing to make headway on the summer goal list too.

Hope you all have been feeling grateful too! :) Here's to the rest of a long Labor Day weekend--hope you're getting out there to enjoy!


  1. The first ripe tomato?! What?! And here I am putting my tomatoes to rest (or in the chicken run). Great job on the hike. I always want to hike, and then when I go...not so much. I blame it on a crazy outward bound trip in college. 2 weeks in and out of a kayak in upstate new york...with rain every single day. Now I prefer to just sit at the beach :-)

    1. Ha that trip sounds like it'd do anyone in! I think 2 weeks would drive me a bit batty also, especially in rain. I love getting out for a day or a couple days at a time. And yep, so much of the garden has been slow this year! In fact, I only attempted one zucchini this year and it didn't even produce! :) Glad you've had a good tomato year though!