Monday, September 3, 2012

Evening GratiTUDES: Part Cinco

Tonight I'm grateful for:

--A night of sleeping with the screen door feeling the cool air....and the entertainment of hearing the (illegal) neighborhood rooster crowing (or attempting!) at 6:46 this morning!

--8am sunlight chasing away the clouds of 6:46 am.

--Glorious cup of morning coffee and half a mini-watermelon for breakfast. Lounging in pjs over a slow morning mixed between chatting with Mom and checking into Internet news.

--Errands with Mom.

--Discovering the nearby local farm has apples....and starting to think about potential apple preserving projects :)

--Pushing myself to 5.6 miles on my run this afternoon....and Roxi even made it without trying to terrorize any other dogs for once!

--Taking care of all the house/yard to-dos without feeling a sense of burden.

--Preparing two salads (black bean--yum! and again with the healthy kale) to take to the family BBQ.

--Purchasing my first bottle of wine in months....and still not drinking it.

--Major getting extra Mom attention.

--Having Mom's quiet, supportive presence in the house.

--Borrowing paint supplies (again!) from my uncle so I can return at least one of my painted rooms to white.

--Moments of laughter, memories, and catching up with the extended family...while chowing down on some pretty good food.

--Offers of time & support from my aunt & uncle.

--Finally feeling comfortable enough in my body again to wear skinny jeans....and getting the opportunity to wear gal D's hand-me-down awesome tunic. Enjoying wearing a different look!

--Being fortunate to have a week of hot-ish weather still, even with the cool mornings & evenings of fall entering in.

--The humor of headlamps, shovels, and plastic bags on evening hunts to finally pick up after the be hauled away in tomorrow's trash pick-up.

--An initial appointment with the new potential counselor, who while maybe not the perfect match, I think will be able to help steer me in the right direction...and be willing to pass the torch if needed.

--Granny and her new found love of potato chips :)

--Relaxing, flexible days ahead with a few subtle plans thrown in.

--Returning to see the beauty and joy in everyday things. Feeling a renewed sense of peace, patience, and trust in my soul. Knowing that there is a deep love that exists in there.

--Being able to actually take care of Mom for once; ie making meals, driving her around, providing books of interest, etc.

--Practicing patience daily these days.


  1. Excellent! I love reading what you are thankful for. It reminded me that I have a gratitude journal that I haven't touched since July. Picked it up this morning, and hopefully will continue to keep it in plain view throughout the day to add to my list.

    Apple preserving for me this year will be green tomato and apple chutney (great on stir fry), apple jelly, applesauce, and apple butter (my favorite). Perhaps I should start thinking about doing one of those amazing runs that you do so well!

    1. Well I'm glad to hear the posts have motivated you to get that journal out. I have to say---doing these nightly posts has definitely helped my daily outlook and assisted in reframing. So I'm glad to hear you're getting back into it too :)

      Your apple preserving sounds DELICIOUS! Want to come take over my kitchen?! :) I'm thinking about some apple butter and make some sauce also since Mom brought some more quart sized thrifted canning jars with her.