Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mid-Afternoon Thursday Gratitudes

Today my gratitudes are arriving mid-afternoon because my mind and heart are full of them.

I'm grateful for:

---A safe drive north yesterday and a car trip full of quality time with one of my cousins I'm closest to.

---The clouds that cleared yesterday and provided such a gorgeous evening on our return.

---Time with and love bestowed on our baby cousin.

---Recognition that yesterday's trip fulfilled many of the items listed in what I consider FUN.

---A day of rest to allow my muscles to regroup...and stuffing my face with great left overs once getting home last night.

---The pure exhaustion that put me into a deep sleep last night and allowed me to sleep in.

---Answered texts to J (Tall D's apt mate...and our mutual friend) in the middle of the night when I was freaked out awakened by the noise of movement in the bedroom with absolutely no viable explanation....and an invitation to go crash at the boys' apartment if needed.

---The dogs comfort on the bed laying next to me....and their coating me in kisses to get me up and moving this morning.

---An overcast hazy fall day with a slight chill in the air.

---Leggings, long sleeves, sweaters, and blankets providing warmth while I sat on the back deck this morning reading blogs, relishing coffee, embracing the changing seasons, and watching the dogs play.

---Finished prepping of all my fall classes.

---The ability to help others who could use it...and also knowing that return gifts will be passed around.

---Continued texts, FB messages, sent Bible passages, and emails arriving daily to brighten my day. My support system continues to surround and astound me.

---A Insanity work-out in the garage....flushing out the sweat, some heightened emotions at that moment, and making my legs feel like lead!

---For once a return feeling of my house being capable of being a HOME--coziness and thoughts on transformations.

---The advocacy of my gal Deir...and her passion for environmental health these days.

---The reality of so many praying...for Tall D, for me, and for our marriage....regardless of what God provides as His ultimate outcome.

---An offer of extra tomatoes from my nearby Auntie M and plans for a weekend of yard work and more canning.

---An evening together with many of my favorite gals discussing books over good food and wine.

---Plans to wear cozy sweater dresses and tall boots.

---Offers to teach me more about football.

---Reassuring conversations providing advice and insight for my mother.

---The reality that I live in a home full of warmth and light with everything that is truly NEEDED to sustain life.

---That Tall D took the time to get away for himself.

---Praying daily for others who have requested it in my life.

---Actually looking forward to the upcoming fall.....

UPDATED TO ADD: Tonight I'm grateful for:

---Not being in the car accident I watched unfold on the highway this evening.....and that no one in the accident was injured.

---A grand time at book club this evening surrounded by so many wonderful gals and full of good food....and even snagging a great parking spot.

---Dogs happy to see me upon my arrival home.

---Today's cleaning of the chicken coop.

---Easy plans for tomorrow....

---Answered facebook messages from influential people.

---Potential ins for my old job option in Salem.

---Time to read snuggled into bed.

Sending lots of love to you...and each of yours.


  1. Oh fun, that is awesome that you are in a book club. What are you all reading? I am in 2 online ones, and used to have a local one, but it dissolved when everyone else had babies!

    Lots of things to be grateful for - that is a long list! :)

    1. Well we rotate each month who hosts dinner and that person picks the book. It's been a year that we've been doing this now--so far we've read: The Help, Wild, The Glass Castle, Joy for Beginners, Tina Fey's book, The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and a mix of short essays on women. Next month is The Happiness Project