Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple Preservation--Last Week

The Apple Orchard mom and I went to during her visit.

Beautiful apples--but as I learned later, not the greatest prices!

Mom peeling apples. 
Left over apples put to dehydrate this week.

Two bags of gravensteins and one bag of mcintosh's produced just three quart jars of apple sauce--but it's delicious! The rest of the apples I cut up this week and deyhdrated before they could go bad. The last two apples I'm planning on making a pie from or freezing pie fixings. 

I found a MUCH cheaper apple source, so I might attempt some more apple sauce......but first I have to do something with those pears still! :)


  1. Oh yum! My parents had an apple tree when we were growing up so we always had a plethora of apples around. But that tree has since died. :( So I have lost access to a free supply of apples. So now I pay an exorbitant price for my favorite breed of apples (honeycrisps).

    1. I tried some honeycrisps at the farm and they were delicious--definitely can see why you'd like them! The free apples are the best ones :)

  2. I am a cortland girl, they are my favorite to preserve. Maybe because they aren't quite as sweet as the macs. We pay $15 for a half bushel bag, and then we can pick as many as can fit in the bag - I am very good at overfilling the bag :-) We try and pick early in the season for preserving, and then late in the season for storage apples. We stick them in our front hallway where it stays pretty cold all winter long - leaky front door and all ;-)

  3. Ooo looks so good!! Funny thing, we were just were at that country store/ apple orchard a few days ago! Cute place and those apples do look mighty fine. :)