Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Evening GratiTUDES: Part Siete

Tonight is a harder one. A wonderful day but it's definitely a harder evening emotionally than I've had in the the last handful of maybe listing some gratitudes will be a good thing?!

Today I'm thankful for:

---Attentive dogs who read me like a book

---Mom's presence in the house these last few days, especially in the evenings, and her ability to alter a few of my freebie shirts

---Enjoyment from cooking up another new dinner combination--most of which was from locally grown veggies and healthy options

---Breakfasts of fruit and coffee

---A trip out to Sauvies Island for sunshine and farm goods with two of my cousins

---A quick peek at adorable farm animals

---Backroads and country music, especially Little Big Town's Pontoon song :)

---Fitting in a quick Insanity work-out in the garage

---The delicious taste of yesterday's applesauce

---The ability to honestly write an email last night from my soul

---Trying to trust in God's hand over my life

---Prayers for grace at the dinner table

---Feeling my muscles becoming leaner and stronger

---The feel of sunshine kissing skin

---Great news of baby #2 on the way for my friend Heather!

---Getting a box of free pears from my aunt & uncle

---Reading blogs of like-minded individuals

---And hitting the hay early to hopefully be able to sleep off these emotions!

I'm grateful for each one of you readers :)

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