Sunday, September 2, 2012

Evening GratiTUDES: Part Cuatro

I'm seriously thinking that these gratitude posts are a good they keep me focusing on the good things ALL.DAY.LONG, while also helping me to reframe potential negatives into positives!

Today I'm thankful for the following:

--Waking up to sunshine streaming in my bedroom at 7am. Enjoying a slow wake-up, reflecting upon the meaning of dreams, and enjoying waiting for the dogs to wake up before letting them out.

--A good cup of joe, pajamas, and a long morning working while still in bed... also looking up other bits of interesting and needed info online.

--Completing the term's grading this morning/early afternoon. One more section of discussions to grade on Tuesday and then final grades can be transferred over on Tuesday/Wednesday, and that's the end of summer term!

--Smoothies and snacks of veggies from the garden.

--Getting in a 4.1 mile run with the dogs in full sunshine while listening to Christian artists.... and pushing it beyond my original mileage goal. Also tested out my new toe socks--definitely helped with the ankle rubbing although the extra cushion will take some getting used to!

--Weather reports of mid-to-high 80s all week long! Thank you for another week of summer!

--Researching and purchasing a replacement vacuum. Hunted down a 20% off coupon making it a better savings at BBB than via Amazon....and that also meant I could actually vacuum my carpets today! :) Set-up was a breeze to boot.

--Brief text check-ins with my Georgia gals.

--Researching potential church options in the local area.

--Taking the time to pick-up a few mom-specific foods so she wouldn't need to make any extra special trips to the store today.

--Mom's arrival...and the fact that I think she found me in a better place than she'd expected to. Chatting in the kitchen this evening, getting her situated in the guest room, and chit chatting about plans for the next few days.

--Clean duvet covers free of dog hair and dirt....and hung-outside-to-dry-smelling pillow cases as I go to sleep tonight.

--Cooking dinner! Such enjoyment out of throwing together baked salmon sprinkled with Tony's surrounded by roasted halved cherry tomatoes and chopped up sweet and red potatoes....and served with a kale side salad with cucumbers, avocados, and sesame seeds. Delicious AND nutritious!

--Enjoyment of thinking of other gluten-free meal ideas while Mom's here...and starting to think about what to potentially fix for Katie.

--Plans for a late afternoon extended family BBQ tomorrow...and a potential float outing with the cousin mid-week!

--Regulating and purging of hormones....and what is starting to feel like a potential return to a more balanced version of myself.

--Extra thrifted canning jars brought by Mom...and a request to find apples to make an apple pie.

--Praying outloud for the first time in months with another person....grace over dinner.

--Happy dog smiles riding in the back of the Sorento during today's errands....and Anna's new found love of resting her head lazily on top of the middle seat.

--Opening my eyes more and more on areas where I could make improvements...and areas where I can/have/should realign.

--New thoughts on the future and new goals in mind.

--Online bill pay features. Savings. Checking account cushions.

--Clean carpets....and clean kitchen counters. :)

--Cussing less due to spending so much time around little ears...and hoping I can keep the foul words to a minimum!

--Openness of tomorrow!

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