Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Evening GratiTUDES: Part Seis

---A bit of a morning sleep-in, especially since it was lighter sleep in the wee morning hours.

---Another slow morning of coffee & pjs while Mom took a quick cat nap...and I checked into my regular online goodies.

---Washing the sheets today which will hopefully stop whatever's been biting/itching my feet and ankles in the wee morning hours. :)

---Wearing yet another of gal D's hand-me-downs...and loving the trip down high school apparel memory lane.

---A quick visit with Tall D exchanging our vacuum for a float tube...but that also included a 30 minute chat in the garage and as always left me glad to have seen him.

---Quick errands with Mom with the dogs riding along in back.

---Same day replies from the short-term counselor I saw as an undergrad and from several friends who are counselors offering more referrals, including the name of the other gal I'd thought about last night but couldn't remember ...and another potential wonderful option.

---Heartfelt prayers said today direct from my soul to the big man up there.

---A sweat drenching Insanity DVD work-out in the garage this afternoon to work the core and get the high cardio going....followed by a 1.8 quick jog/run.

---A quick trip to the "man store" aka Bi-Mart to pick up more canning supplies and to grab something for Mom as well....which also included a total hottie alert. What is it about my local Bi-mart providing some phenomenal eye candy?!

---Solidifying Thursday evening bowling plans with the cousin and the boys...and tossing out ideas for other to-dos.

---Looking forward to tomorrow's trip for sun & farm goods with the cousin.

---An evening spent turning two bags of apples into tasty applesauce.

---Great post-workout protein smoothies....and a creative but tasty thrown together lunch of salmon melts. Remembering how much I love coming up with new takes on left-overs....and enjoying putting to use the food I already have.

---The feel of a cleansing shower five hours post sweat-dripping work-out and one hour post applesauce splatters. Always feels amazing!

---Finishing grading for the summer term and submitted grades into our online system. Summer term of teaching is over. Friday morning I'll turn in my key and finish any paperwork for my other job. Still will do an initial conversation once the new hires on in a few weeks but glad to have that chapter ending.

---Looking forward to Miss Katie arriving!

---As always appreciation of Tall D looking after the dogs and place.

---Potential buy-in from G to help me train and run in a half this year, since he's just starting to get into regular running. We'll see if it really pans out, but the idea of someone also training even sort-of with me, left me beaming!

---Continued patience with many individuals in life. Continued realizations about myself and areas for improvement. And continued ability to bring myself back to peace even in today's moments when life fears started to get the best of me.


  1. What a reflective time you are having. It must be difficult, but rewarding at the same time to be able to sit down and evaluate every aspect of your life. I am constantly striving for quiet in order to do that, but unfortunately it doesn't happen often :-) It is nice to have so many happy things to look to throughout your day, and having your mom there is probably helping immensely!

  2. Reflective, yes. It ebbs and flows it seems. I can imagine it's hard with the two kiddos to get a bit of you time....but I definitely hope you can!