Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Hello readers! It's been a while, not because I haven't had things to write about but just because life gets away from us. MUCH has happened in the last few days, but I'll just share some of the highlights here.

--The services this weekend in Indiana were absolutely amazing and a true tribute to the loss of our friend Kyle. Much was shared about his gift of living an abundant life....and has led me to thinking about what exactly it means to live a life of abundance. It was good to see our old friends, the community turn-out of support was absolutely touching (whole streets were lined with individuals showing their support and paying respects during the funeral procession), and the weather was gorgeous. I don't remember ever being in Indiana and this time of year it was just beautiful. Tall D and I even had some good moments of friendship together and some open conversation on the drive back to our flight in Chicago. There will be lots of solid "snapshot" memories including ones of open roofs, stereo blaring, dancing together in the car with a full moon shining down, as well as plenty of other moments shared with each other and with friends.

--I interviewed for and got the full time job I'd applied for that was my old job in Louisiana. In fact the conversation I had with the national manager was really uplifting and I was told that I can always have a place back with the old organization....however I turned the job down for multiple reasons. I am doing my best to TRUST that a job here in Portland will open...and I've applied for two other opportunities....while also agreeing to come on as on-call status for the position I turned down.

--The new term started and I have my old teaching mojo back. I really enjoyed the first week back in the term and so far it seems that I'll be working with a great group of students.

--Last week I was scheduled to make 8 miles for my long run....and I kicked it out to 9.7 miles by myself. I was definitely plodding at points--but it felt great and made me realize that I really will be able to do 13.1. I'm hopeful I can get it done solo in the next few weeks in fact. Also the dogs are picking up a new command "leave it" and are improving about not chasing squirrels and other dogs on runs.

--My best gal D, her hub, & lil man E are in-state visiting family and friends before J gears up for deployment. It was great to spend part of today with them and I'm looking forward to stealing a few more moments this weekend.

--I'm beginning to think that my life should just be its own episode of ArmyWives with all the drama that it contains. Butting of heads and lots of sadness also occurred this weekend...and I made a decision that impacted Tall D that while maybe not the nicest was still based in honest sharing and truth toward someone else. Unfortunately it might also have spelled the end of Tall D's and my ability to move toward just having a friendship.

--After over two months, I still have my cough that settled in the beginning of August. I'll be calling to make a doctor's appointment sometime this week or next.

--I'm having a hard time spiritually this week. Maybe it's because of the drama of this weekend and missing out on Sunday's church or maybe it's because I feel slightly guilty about my behavior regarding Tall D, but I feel like there's something weighing on me that I just can't get lifted or share correctly with the Big Man Upstairs.

--While not a big deal, I've watched two accidents unfold and come across two other major ones in the last ten days....making me slightly apprehensive and on guard while driving.

--Several students have reported to me that the center I used to coordinate isn't functioning as well as it should, and while I'm glad to have moved on...it still saddens me to hear. Hopefully my replacement will get things up and running more smoothly soon.

--My entire house is coated in cat and/or dog hair. A deep cleaning at some point in the next few weeks is definitely in order...as is trying to make a few more decor improvements. (Although as much as I know I need to get Tall D's things out of the house....it still saddens me too.)

--Turd-o is molting....and it is the funniest looking thing I've seen all week. Looks like she got into a cock fight almost! No wonder the girls haven't been laying.

--With travel plans last weekend and this next one, I haven't been able to have a regular counseling appt. Feeling like I need something to help me take a long look at myself and hold me accountable.

Hope you all have had a great last week......I've also still got tomatoes to take care of :)


  1. For your cough, try braggs raw vinegar. I take a spoonful each day when I start to get sick. I have had a lingering cough for a few weeks and I finally got some vinegar, and it has helped quite a bit :-) Matt swears by it too. I'm sorry for the struggles, but honesty is always important while not the easiest path.

  2. Oh that sucks that you still have your cough. :( I thought mine would never go away when I had bronchitis but luckily it did (and my coworkers are also happy about this).

    1. I'm glad yours is going away! And yes, I meant to make a doctor's appointment but have yet to do so yet. I keep thinking it's one more week from going away...except now I'm heading into cold weather season so just more apt for it to settle further ;)