Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Half-Week of Outfits & Some Interview Talk

Saturday Lunch w/ N & Errands:
The irony is that this is what I came up with when "nothing else worked." Bahaha.

Black cardigan & white cami: recent sale Target
Dress: old Target
Black leather boots: Jc Penney
Black belt: from another dress

Monday Courthouse Trip:
I guess this is what you wear to sign divorce papers---black & brown seemed like the right combo for this event.

Black cowl-neck sweater dress: Dillard's (south)
Brown belt & flat boots: Target
Hooded tweed coat: old Target

COMMENCE: One shirt, three wears :)

Monday Evening Happy Hr w/ T: 
I fell in love with this peach long-sleeve shirt from Target over the weekend, so on Monday I went back for it. As a kid, my mom had my colors done and they suggested I shouldn't wear peach as my skin undertones are peach. However when I have a tan, peach just makes the tan pop more...and at this point in my life I think I've figured out when I can wear what.

Long-sleeve shirt: Target $12
Jeggings: old Wal-mart
Leopard print flats: old Target
Gold accessories: old ring from Granny, earrings from Mom's closet, bangle from art museum gift store

Tues Morning of Grading at Home:
Have I mentioned that when I get something new, I love to wear, wear, wear it :) Haha!

Same shirt
Leggings: recent Target $8
Old faux Uggs: Macy's
Long sweater: old Old Navy

Side note: I would never wear this outside of my property. I don't believe in wearing leggings unless my rear & upper legs are covered by something like a sweater dress. People don't need to see those aspects of myself.....nor of others, if I'm being honest....
Side side note: My hair is getting longer! :) I'm beginning to swear by biotin supplements.

Tuesday Evening Lecture: 
Same shirt
White button-up: Deir's closet 
Black pants: thrifted Express via Goodwill
Black leather boots: Jc Penney

Tues Lecture in Coat & Scarf: 
I'd forgotten that this coat matched with my work pants frequently looks like a knock-off suit, just warmer. Can you believe we're already into pants, boots, tights, and scarf weather?! PS HI ROXI (and Anna in the background if you look...) :)

Military-inspired coat: CK via Costco
Pink scarf: Made by yours truly years ago
Bottoms same as above

Weds Interview & Lecture: 
Today I interviewed for a full-time position I could do in conjunction with my teaching. Honestly the job is fairly ideal as it meshes both my career services experience with my passion for the health field, while granting new experiences. It's a short-term position however (six months max), but the pay would be great--I could pay down some debts, put away into savings just like I did for what I've been living off of now, and then potentially could travel again next summer since the job would end in June. The catch is a) I have to be offered the position first b) I have an interview tomorrow for a similar position that would be part-time and probably more long-term (ie safer) and c) it'd be a big leap in faith right now taking a job that I know would end and continuing to trust that God would open yet another new door when needed......  The interview tomorrow isn't health specific and the pay would be less, but the pros are that I already know the staff, there would probably be flexibility for some vacation, I generally like working part-time, and it's a slightly more secure position. However, finances would be tighter overall than if I had a full-time position. But again, I have to get both jobs first and....Maybe the decisions will be made for me?!

Anyway, this is what I wore to the interview today. I decided to play it professional yet safe. Same outfit you saw before but I added the more substantial black belt rather than using the regular tie belt that came with the dress and is pictured here.

Dress: old clearance Target
Flats: summer Kmart finds
Old tank & tights: old Target
Belt: From another dress

And a Church Outfit from a few weeks back:
Love this outfit btw.

White tank: Thrifted (mom find)
Mustard cardigan: recent Target sale $15
Blue skirt w/ white & yellow dots: Deir's closet
Blue flats: old Target


  1. Cute! I love all the outfits you posted. That peach color is a fun pop of color!

    I hope the interview(s) went well and that you feel a sense of clarity about what to do if they both offer you the job!!

    1. Thank you! I love the peach too :) Second interview was okay--had mixed feelings about the position, but we'll see what the interviewers say when it's all said and done. Plus I know they had two other really good candidates for today's interview, so if I don't get it, I won't feel too bad. Just hoping I get at least one offered and that it's a clear decision :) Always enjoying your comments gal!