Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Office Tour

Continuing on the home tour :)

I haven't done much with/in/around the house & property the last week or so beyond just trying to keep it picked up and functioning, but I figured that the office area was fairly set so it's able to be shared. I honestly LOVE this space. The room has always been sort of a weird shape but this use of it utilizes its length and allows the afternoon sun to truly warm up the space. Ironically all of the furniture in this space is second-hand, thifted, or was built for me. 

The view looking toward the door:
I love the items in this space and the fact that many of them have multiple purposes. The futon is something that we were given second-hand when we first had the house in Louisiana. It's definitely been patched up over the years, but still provides great seating AND supplies extra sleep space when needed. The carved chest used as a coffee table is one my parents had made for them when we lived in the Philippines, thus it's both sentimental and functional. Beyond being a coffee table, currently it's also functioning as a sort of filing cabinet, although I still have to finish this Pinterest-inspired project.

Looking forward: 
One of the other things I really love about this space is that it holds an actual seating area, so it's a great space to grade comfortably. The drapes were swapped out to these lighter ones I had stored in the hall closet--allowing more light in and adding more color to the space. The colors in here are soothing in general but the entire space is surrounded by comfortable items and things that I love. The Ikea chair and stool were both acquired by Tall D from Salvation Army and the pillow in the chair is one that my mom and I made years ago.

The desk & shelving: 
Originally I was going to purchase a L shaped desk for this space and then I decided to attempt to reuse something I already had. Ironically I hated this desk when we had it in Louisiana, but I dragged it out the shed here, cleaned it, & spray painted the top brown--it is actually the perfect size for this space currently. The bench is one my dad made for an old apartment of mine, however it also got spray painted recently and the seat was recovered in faux leather. Eventually I might put the bench elsewhere in the house (I intended it to go elsewhere actually but liked it in here for now) and pick up a second-hand chair and side shelf. The painting is the one I purchased this summer from my best gal's dad after wanting it for the last 8 years. The shelves were originally in the living room (& made by Tall D) and I took them down, cleaned them, finished painting them, and had my brother hang them staggeredly. I love that I can have items that I both love and consistently use on display.

The Closets: 
I also converted this space into a dressing area, so most my clothes and shoes are now located in here. I still need to hang the full-length mirror there on the wall, but space wise it works well to have my clothes in here.

The shelves: 
Loving having so many things easily accessible on the shelves. One basket holds my bracelets, the other holds pens, my stapler, needed items, and containers of spare change & paper clips. Used books & reference magazines, framed pictures I've taken, Goodwill frames hold my race bibs, plants, and my weather report station (which in this location I use all the time now!). The empty spot on the top shelf pictured below is where my camera resides--easy accessible but fun to display! 

And my other secret spot:
the backside of the bench holds my printer/scanner, a container of random cords for computer stuff, & another organizer with stuff I don't use as frequently: 

Definitely a simple room but one that I find to be so comforting and full of so many items that I love!


  1. I love to see your different rooms! And it is so much cleaner than my house :-) I would love to have a separate dressing area. Very cool! And the bench hiding your printer etc. is awesome!

    1. Thanks gal! Glad you're enjoying the "tour." :) And it's not always this clean but I try to keep it organized. If only you could see the constant fur on the carpets :)

  2. I love seeing other people's houses! The shelving in that room looks great. I would love to have some shelving in my condo but I am renting and am worried about the damage I'd do to the wall if I put up shelves. :( So I am shelve-less for now. I also love that curved chest!!

    1. Even if you're renting, don't worry about holes---they can always be filled in with spackle and painted over. I've always rented and still put up curtains, shelves, pictures, etc!!

  3. I love that photo/poster (?) on the wall above the futon. Stunning!

    1. So I know some people mock box-store artwork, but uh, the picture is from Ross of all places. :) It's definitely neat but I'm not gonna lie sometimes it looks like one of the statues is staring at you :)