Friday, October 19, 2012

Outfits: Fall Transition

Tuesday Lecture:
Merlot dress: old Walmart clearance from Louisiana
Brown shoes: oldies from Lousiana
Brown belt & Mustard cardi: Target (still available)
Gold cuff: Art museum gift store

Weds Lecture: 
Patterned tunic: summer BR outlet (and I have mixed thoughts on it...)
Black cardi: recent Target sale
Work weight denim pencil skirt: Target
Black flats: Kmart

Weds Teaching: 
Dress: Deir's closet
Black flats: Nordie rack 
Black cami & gray cardi: oldie Target
Black belt: came w/ another dress

Almost morning coffee w/ cuz, but I didn't like it. As much as I've gotten comfortable with some skinnies, I felt this outfit made my hips look way too wide and showed my legs more than I'm comfortable with. Somewhat Pinterest inspired but pass....until I change the bottoms to my merlot skirt that is... :) 
Leopard flats: old Target
White button down: Deir's closet
Gray cardi: Target
Skinnies: old Walmart

Actual coffee outfit: 
Striped sweater: old Target
Same pants as above
Red scarf: hmmm?
Red hooded pea coat (not pictured): CK via Costco

Most recent favorite purchase & totally Pinterest inspired:
ie worn for errands, one night teaching when I was running late, church, uh, everywhere....
Striped dress: recent Ross ($16)
Black leggings: way old Target
Brown boots: old Target
OR black flats from Nordies Rack

Old jeans: The Limited
Black flats: Nordies Rack
Black & gray long-sleeve: old Old Navy
Black down vest: OLD LL Bean

HAHA This was fire pit night and that the gals and I laughed and I HAD to snap a picture. The irony is that people would totally wear this here out and about! :) Originally I just had the leopard dress belted with leggings, and the boots while running errands earlier in the day, but threw the sweatshirt and beanie on for the cold out back in the evening! :)

Leopard dress: old Ross
Black leggings & brown boots: old Target
Gray sweatshirt: H&M


  1. Love the red scarf and the LL Bean vest! I have a black vest that I wear all the time in the fall, love it!

    1. Ha-yes I'm a HUGE fan of the down vest in fall. If I could wear it all the time and get away with it--all the better :) If only it would fit under coats better :)

  2. i love all of your belted cardigans over dresses, that is such a great look (i should try it more often!).

    1. Thanks gal! Always love to see you visiting!! The cardigan over the dress is just so easy peasy!