Friday, October 5, 2012

Compilation of Recent Outfits

Farmers Market & Errands Saturday:
Dress plus leggings=newest go-to look

Animal print dress: old Ross
Leggings: Target
Black sandals: Ether on 23rd
Belt: Reused

Church on a Sunday:
Black cami: way old Target
Black ballet flats: Kmart recent
Wrap-dress: clearance Target
Coat: CK via Costco

Standard Afternoon Running Attire:
Shoes/Socks: Vibrams
Running Tank plus Sports Bra: Wal-mart
Running shorts: Wal-mart
Hat: Adidas swiped from Tall-D
Random green shirt: Target

Week 1 Teaching:
Khaki skirt: Target
Blue flats: old Target
Ruffle cardi: Target
Blue tank: old Penney's
Necklace: Freddies

A) I've got an I-phone 5 on order so picture quality should improve with these phone shots!
B) I love that Roxi has to check in on the outfits.
C) There are more pictures to swipe from the legit camera.
D) I currently love that there is such a mixed bag of looks going on. :)
E) I still need to clean out my closet.....
F) Some of these outfits y'all have seen similar examples of before.
G) Yes, I totally love buying my running gear for cheap from Wal-mart. It harkens back to only having Wal-mart available there in Louisiana when I took running up again....but these Dasani duds are perfect for my work-out needs--sorry folks!

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  1. Roxi is such a fashionista. Love your pics, girl! You look good and have inspired me to get out of yoga pants and attempt to look put together during the week. We'll see how it goes. :)