Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Outfit Compilations

A) Told ya I had a whole bunch more on my regular camera
B) Still loving Roxi making appearances
C) Also loving the total mix of looks....
D) Some of these are from a few weeks back now.
E) I'm loving that over half of these outfits include a thrifted or handed-down item.

Wine Tasting:
Skinny jeans/jeggings: Wal-mart
Top: The Limited sale/old
Red flats: old Target
Earrings: Mom's closet

 Happy Hour w/ Girls Downtown:
These sandals pictured got switched out for cream ones....

Pictured Sandals: Steve Madden via Ross
Dress: Best gal's closet
White cami: Kmart
Mustard Cardi: recent Target sale
Gold bracelet: Art museum gift shop
Earrings: Mom's closet

First Week Lecture/Teaching:
Gray skirt: Target
Gray flats: recent Kmart
Blouse: recent BR outlet
Silver bracelet: art museum gift shop
Non pictured rose stone necklace: Freddies

Evening Community Event/Presentation Downtown:
Dress: summer Kohl's sale
Mustard cardigan: recent Target sale
Black bangle & belt: Target
Black sandals: Ether on NW 23rd (downtown PDX)

Most Recent Love Affair:
Great Travel Outfit:
Green sweatshirt dress/tunic: recent Target ($26)
Black leggings: old Target
Black flats: Steve Madden via Nordies Rack
Black dangly earrings: Target

Tuesday Lunch w/ Best Friends:
Black Cardigan: recent Target sale ($15)
Skinny jeans/jeggings: old Wal-mart
White tank: thrifted (Mom's find)
Leopard print flats: old Target (I bought 2 pairs and stock piled...)

Same Tuesday: Lecture
Same tank & cardi as above
B & W Skirt: Best gal's closet
Red flats: old Target

Wednesday Lecture/Teaching:
Aka Total Different Combo but I LOVED IT:
Ethnic looking tunic: old Penney's
Brown tweed too-big pencil skirt: old Penney's
Long cardigan: old Old Navy
Belt: recent Target sale
Wedge shoes: my gal Heather's closet


  1. Skinny jeans were definitely not made for me, glad you can pull them off though!

    1. Heather--there are only certain times when I'm willing to wear them too :)

  2. Cute!! I love all of these looks (and the looks from your other post). My favorite is that mustard cardigan. I am all about that color and have bought a cardigan, skirt, and sweater in that color in the last month!!

    1. Ha I loved seeing that you'd picked up the same cardigan! I have this bad (or maybe good?) habit of wearing all my new items over and over the first few weeks I get them--I can't count the number of times I've already worn that mustard cardigan :)