Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mid-Week Randoms

---As much as I love teaching online, its always a bummer to stare at the computer upon grading day!

---I'm feeling so fortunate for my teaching jobs. I seem to have three great groups of students this term and the material has become routine enough that it's fairly straight forward. My boss and I just set my schedule for the next two terms...and I'm already trying to negotiate summer term start dates. (First ever family vacation in June....)

---Bum knee is coming on and I'm pretty disappointed about it. I'm not sure if it was the beach run, overuse, or maybe a "knee jerk" from the dogs, but the last two days of runs have consisted of running but also hobbling. I'm contemplating doing that which I shouldn't do....and attempting to see if I can get all 13.1 miles in this weekend or next to obtain my goal and then easing off for a few weeks. Although I'll have six miles to do for Run Like Hell later this month. It's been great to finally feel like 4-5 miles is just an easy routine jog however--I'm so glad to have reached this point!

---As awesome as it is that my house is situated so it keeps cooler in the summer, I'm already freezing and it's only October. As I type this I have thick socks, two layers on the bottom, and three layers up top...and I'm still cold. How long I make it without the heat this year has yet to be determined...but it's not looking too good.

---I went on a major purging/organizing rampage the other night. Most everything of Tall D's is boxed up and in the garage or shoved into the corner of one closet. I finally cleaned out my own closet and the kitchen cupboards. I have a bag of clothes for one of my coworkers to go through and I took a small load of stuff to Goodwill this week. There's stuff up in the garage attic that I'll need to go through at some point, but it feels good to be getting rid of "stuff."

---On a related note, I'm redecorating/rearranging AGAIN. While not financially the most prudent, making the house truly my own has been a great coping strategy and helped me feel like I'm headed back toward my own life. Also this summer I realized I wasn't using certain areas of the house because of the memories they hold or because it didn't make sense to me--thus by rearranging I'm hopeful to really begin to USE all aspects of my home. Most of what I'm doing is just reusing what I already have, although I am hoping to order a replacement sectional and large table once I have additional employment secured. The current pub-type table will go to Tall D and his apartment mates as they don't have one with enough seating for everyone. Any new purchases are some I've been eye balling for years now, and I'll post pictures once I get the space all situated.

---When we purchased our specialty mattress last year, we had stored the extra pillow top mattress pad in the closet. Well the other night I pulled it out and stuck it on the bed, along with oodles of blankets and new king sized pillows. Let me tell you, I feel like I'm sleeping in an awesome luxurious hotel bed, but it's actually all mine! :) In fact 3 out of 4 critics agree, the first night I had both dogs and one cat sleeping on the empty side. :)

---In my rearranging, I uncovered the spot in the guest room where a new section of molding needed to be placed. The landlords had provided the molding months ago but we had the furniture blocking that area and it needed to be cut to size anyway. Once uncovered, I found the length of molding, marked, and cut to size! Pretty sure that was my first use of an electric saw in years and all fingers are still attached! :) Which was good practice because I've had another pinterest inspired project I've been contemplating....

---Made more tomato sauce this week for preserving and have made at least one regular meal daily. Last night's meal was one Tall D used to make and it was nice to be able to make my own variety (pasta sauce & garbanzo beans over couscous). This weekend definitely stimulated my appetite in full force and I feel like I'm hungry all the time. Tomorrow I hope to finish off the tomatoes by canning them after dicing.

---Fingers crossed--both positions I applied for close this week and will be interviewing in the next two weeks. Here's hoping one of them pans out! And I'm definitely remembering to enjoy these lazier, flexible days.

---Trying to remember to enjoy the small moments of life. Case in point: watching Major climbing up into the kiwi tree to hide himself for bird catching...and then watching him try to come back down while Anna was anxiously awaiting to chase him :)

---For the last few months, I've been adding biotin to my smoothies. I used to have to do this when I was a vegan 20yo in the dorms, but my hair has been incredibly slow growing in the last few years (it's JUST hitting my shoulders after a pixie I had cut in Nov 2010) so one of the hairdressers suggested I add biotin supplements to my diet again. I have to say--I think it's working. My hair is growing faster and my nails are stronger too.

---Getting excited for the Christmas season. I know it's WAY early and usually I'm not a fan of seeing all the Christmas stuff arriving in the stores in October...but maybe it's the warmth, the sparkle, the message...whatever it is I'm excited for it. And depending on a variety of factors, I'm contemplating spending Christmas outside of the country this year....

Back to grading in-person assignments now, although I'm heading to the sun covered back patio! The term has officially begun :) Looking forward to girls night tomorrow--still feeling so fortunate for so many great individuals and moments that exist in my life!

On the docket for the rest of the week/end: continuing rearranging/decorating, selling my ring, craigslist searching, more grading, some yard work, counseling appointment on Saturday, potential get-together with an old high school friend, Insanity sessions in the garage, farmer's market, church on Sunday.

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  1. It's a great feeling to purge and re-arrange things. Especially when you are going through a major change, as you are... It gives you some sort of sense of control.