Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Work Wear & Packing

Well, it's supposed to be my last "official" week of work for one of my part-time jobs...except I just agreed to extend my contract for a few more weeks so I can potentially participate in follow-up interviews via Skype while on vacation and can train my replacement upon my return. Ha! This week's been busier again between holding down the office and holding interviews. Work started at 8:30 yesterday morning and went until almost 10pm last night! Given my recent loneliness and emotional status though, keeping busy and working more has been a good thing!

Monday: Office
Gray skirt & teal ruffle cardigan: Target (still available)
 Blue flats: old Target
 Floral shirt: Eddie Bauer outlet (recent)

Tuesday: Interviewing Candidates
Black pencil skirt: old Penney's (still available)
Ruffle blouse: Banana Republic outlet (recent)
Turquoise cardigan: old Target
Black bow heels: OLD Ross

Wednesday: Office
Brown peep-toe slingbacks: Penney's (still available)
Brown tweed pencil skirt: old Penney's 
Fuschia blouse: Banana Republic outlet (recent)
Brown tote: old Freddies

And here's what my bed looked like an hour ago:
Piles to shove in Tall D's old backpack that I always love to use for my carry-on. 9 lightweight tops/tanks, 3 skirts, 3 dresses, 1 pair of shorts, 3 pairs of sandals, but always the first to be ready to go in: bikinis, running clothes, undergarments, and the camera--priorities of course! :) I'm also taking my tote with laptop, two books, and a few work related items that I'll have to take care of while gone. Excited yet can hardly believe travel day again has arrived, thankful for Tall D taking care of the place, and looking forward to my gal T crashing here tonight to keep me company with a girl's night and transport me for my flight early tomorrow!

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