Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Lil' Bit of Life: Snapshot (2)

A Bit of Random Updates in no particular order:

---Strawberry fruit leather smells absolutely amazing as it's "curing," but it doesn't always turn out like it's supposed to! The tomatoes are about to ripen and the carrots/garlic are almost ready to be harvested. The garden hasn't produced quite as much this year, but it's still been fun to watch stuff grow!

---My to-do list for the house and yard has stalled, but I've decided with so much absence this month that it's not worth sweating over anyway. Hopefully I'll get a few more tasks accomplished prior to the start of fall term, but if not I'm going to try not to lose any sleep over it.

---I need some physical activity in a big bad way. I'm getting a lil pudgy around my mid-section and other areas of my body are increasing in size as well. I attempted a run on Sunday that delved into a relaxing evening walk with the dogs after my motivation depleted about mile 2.75. I'm taking my running gear to Georgia, but I'm pretty sure the humidity is going to do me in.

---I had a much needed call with my best friend on Monday night. Sometimes there's nothing I need more than someone who can just give it to me straight, especially after knowing me and seeing my repetitive behavior patterns for years. My view of the world and what's happening in my life is always from my own perspective of course, so I asked for some hard honest truth from the best. I so appreciated D's willingness to tell me areas where I truly do need to focus on other things, areas where patience and improvements could occur, and her ability to help snap my mind out of the sad place it'd been residing for several days.

---I also have decided that I need some additional support to help me process my emotions and create positive change in my life regardless of the outcome of this transition (and also help me learn to be a better partner in general), so I've scheduled an initial counseling appointment for later this month. I'm hopeful I've found someone who will be a "right fit" based on her experience with the military and also having a straightforward approach, because I'll tell ya, it took hours of reading through dozens of bios before I finally sent out an initial contact! However, I'm a huge proponent of counseling, so I also need to practice what I preach....

---Completion of one of my jobs should be coming very, very soon and the term is slowing down too. I'm looking forward to the break but also nervous about an entire month of not working. There's a good chance I might need to create another road trip, hire someone to help me with the yard, have my mom come stay for a while, and create daily to-do lists....so I'm not alone with my thoughts and concerns for too many long days in a row. (Tickets for Africa have remained stable, I'm just continuing to keep my fingers crossed/prayers lifted that a 7-10 day volunteer option might still present itself. Any suggestions or connections can be sent my way!)

---In the last several days I've received several calls from friends who I don't get to talk to all that often. It's been nice to know that I'm crossing their minds, especially after having a few difficult days. Additionally, today's chat with my gal reminded me I also need to do a better job of supporting and encouraging my friends who are new mamas!

---Yesterday I officially became a college student again, via the easiest and fastest college application I've ever done. Today I dropped off my transcripts to allow me to online register for courses. I'm a little concerned about being a student with my own students, but I'm thinking I'm going to use my free tuition credits each term to try to take the biology sequence this year and to maybe accomplish some of the other prereqs needed. I've been hemming and hawing about going full-time to cross off the pre-req list in one go, but I'm not wanting to acquire any more student loan debt when I have "free" as an option.

---The last few days I've been absolutely exhausted. I'm not sure if this is due to warmer temperatures, hormonal changes and high emotions, the fact that I'm still shaking a cough from my road trip cold, or that I'm working quite a bit this week, but it's probably a mix of all factors. Here's hoping there will be time for R&R on this next upcoming trip!

---Next month's book club book: The Glass Castle. And last night I started reading a new book about money and God---it's shaping up to be a good one!

---I just bought the new Zach Brown Band CD: definitely a new sound from him and not sure I like it as much. I've also been listening routinely to a LOT of Christian radio the last few days--while some of the news quips shared on there drive me batty, the music has been refocusing and soothing my soul.

---Last night I attempted to repost my housemate ad on craigslist. The ad failed to post. I'm taking that as a sign to wait.

---I'm looking forward to my extended vacation to Savannah and spending some much needed quality time with my best gal, while also getting to reconnect with several of my other milspouse friends. I'm also stoked to take an overnight trip to Charleston to explore the history and culture of that city, which was my desired location for undergrad. And I'm incredibly grateful to Tall D for all the days he's taken care of the house and our mini-farm in my absence this summer----thank you, thank you! I'll be attempting to post from the ol' dirty South.....and enchant you with tales of humidity, gorgeous beaches, sweet tea, pumping my own gas, girlie time, and screaming babies. ;)

But what's new in your life these days?


  1. It sounds like you have so much going on! I shouldn't complain about being busy - when it is more of just an overwhelming feeling. We are getting ready for the cool down of fall. This has been an incredibly hot summer in Maine. Typically I am not upset about not having an a/c, we usually have one week of really hot and humid weather. But, this year it seems like we have had nothing but hot and humid for weeks and weeks. Even when the rains come it doesn't cool down! And once the fall comes, we know that a new niece or nephew will be joining our family (my brother's first) and fully intend to spend a lot of time commuting between maine and mass for visits :-) oh...and canning...lot and lots of canning!

    1. Sounds like lots occupying your mind over there too! How exciting about the new family addition---lil babes are always sweet and I'm sure they're anxiously awaiting the first! It definitely sounds like it's been HOT, HOT, HOT! Here's hoping some cooler weather will head your way soon!!