Thursday, August 30, 2012

Evening Gratitudes: Part Dos

I'm thinking this should be an evening/daily habit for a while :)

Tonight, even though I really, I'm taking a moment to think about the fact that today I'm grateful for:

---A pretty decent night's sleep again and heading toward what I hope will be another night of zzzs.

---The ability to keep myself from sliding into a sad funk this morning and forcing myself to STAY POSITIVE!

---My usual morning text msg waiting for me when I opened my eyes. It's great to daily wake up to a message from someone who cares!

---Roxi belly crawling over to lick my head when I woke up this morning. :)

---Research on new opportunities, a few moments of working, and being coerced into a new FUN opportunity.

---Ordering the most awesome new sticker to put on my car...and discovering an online discount code.

---Amazingly fast shipping! Received my backpacking goodies today and got a thankful text from Caitlin for her gift. So glad she liked it--now she can make coffee from home on the weekends :)

---Fred Meyer's awesome willingness to take back faulty products!

---A great morning catch up over coffee session at a local spot with my cousin. Even better was sitting outside on the patio for the duration of the morning: laughing, sharing, and soaking up sunshine!

---Arranging a bowling and brews night with said cousin, Tall D's apartment mates, and myself for next week. I usually hate to bowl, but once a year I get a total itch to go and what a better way to break the ice for everyone than to ensure we all look like fools (albeit fools having FUN!). :)

---Meeting T's other half and getting to talk backpacking shop with him late this evening! Nice to finally get to meet her man...and reassure him that T will be in good hands this weekend.

---Walking thru one of my favorite stretches of downtown checking out the shops.....and somehow I actually walked out with NO new purchases----woot woot! (But did immensely laugh over the still-true-to-this-day copies of "Don'ts for Husbands" and "Don'ts for Wives" that were originally published in 1913.)

---Snagged a pretty nice street parking spot to maneuvered out of a tight fit on the way out!

---A great happy hr with a newer friend and evening dinner with an older friend downtown. I love getting to know people better and it was great to grab dinner with my gal N as it'd been quite a while since we've been able to connect and catch up!

---Singing loud to the radio and enjoying the irony of country music pouring out of my windows while navigating downtown.

---The gorgeous warm weather that arrived today, even after starting with a measly 60 degrees at 10am. Nice weather=great outdoor seating opportunities all day long. (Please stick around, dear sunshine, please stick around!)

---Answered phone calls.

---Still burning muscles from working hard for the summit.

---Recognizing the humor and crazy irony of just how small of a world we all live in yet again when I discovered that my kid sister is dating the cousin of Z's girlfriend! I swear sometimes Oregon is like one big ol' extended family!

---Shoring up some plans for my gal Katie's visit, which include making it for my hometown civil war high school football game and relishing the beauty of Crater Lake. Hopefully we can make those plans, plus several happy hours, and a trip to the North Face outlet (so Katie can prove that she "goes on so many adventures!") a reality!

---The awesomeness of the pack I purchased earlier this summer, looking forward to using my new sleeping bag from Tall D, and stoked just to get out in nature in general.

---Final work week arriving next week...and applying for new job opportunities.

---Awesome and understanding landlords.

---Skirts, sandals, and cardigans.

---Feeling God's protective presence.

---Roxi's adorableness and Anna's steadfastness. Cat contentment.

---Honest text exchanges with my aunt.

And with that great list of things making me thankful, I'll close my eyes and bid good night!

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