Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fish Dinner Southern Style

 What's Cookin? Why fish was cooking!

This morning Deir, lil E, & I got up and met Heather & lil G for breakfast downtown. It was pretty entertaining watching the two kiddos, but it was great to be in the same space with two great gals and it was the last time I'll see Heather and her lil one for a while now. After breakfast, D and I wandered through the Farmer's Market in Forysth Park and headed to the organic food store. Attempts at naps happened about noon and then I laid out in the sun out back reading the book club book throughout a large chunk of the afternoon.

The ironies of life continue to come and a recent one is that I haven't started branching out into seafood until the last year or so. I've almost always lived within a few hours of a coast but never had a taste for seafood nor fish...until I developed a taste for salmon about 6-12 months ago and have slowly started trying other seafood items since then. Of course...this palate change occurred AFTER we moved out of Louisiana.....just like how I became a vegetarian as a teen AFTER we moved from a liberal to a more conservative town. :) However, on this trip I've been having a hankering for good seafood....and so this evening D took me to her local fish market to pick out fish & shrimp for dinner:

We settled on fried tilapia for me and fried flounder for her, and then D boiled the shrimp and corn with some seasoning. Add in some tartar and cocktail sauce with some local Southern beer....and we had a grand fish dinner Southern style!

Lil man E even got in on the fun, although many of those fishy bites were tossed to the dogs below. One thing I love about D's mama-ness is that she encourages E to try most foods--lil dude will even chow down on veggie sushi! :)

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