Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time to Be Grateful!

Has it really been this long since I focused on the many things that I am truly grateful for?! Good golly!

Even in the midst of strife, I need to remember and get back into practice of focusing on the many blessings and small joys that do exist in my life.

So what am I grateful for about today and in recent days?

---Breakfast for dinner! I had a blast preparing my fave french toast with strawberries & powdered sugar for dinner--and it was the most solid meal I've prepared for myself in weeks. As always, the dogs were thrilled to get their share too!

---The wisdom of my gal D and her badgering me about being a better steward of my long-term health, so I bought coconut creamer (rather than my usual preservative laden one) and I scooped up a cast iron skillet. I also used my tote bag and have started thinking more about needing to get a lil "greener" again.

---Also as much as I love giving gal D a hard time...her drill sergeant assistance toward my life has really been today I'm grateful that she made me get up and "pull myself together by my boot straps." Yes, ma'am!

---Grocery shopping: corn on the cob, bananas, coconut milk, sweet potatoes, bell peppers. Between the raised beds, today's grocery trip, and the zukes that will be dropped off from my aunt's, my kitchen feels stocked again!

---An entire afternoon of great country songs on the radio....and a soul-filling morning of Christian rock on Pandora.

---Dog cuddles on the bed this morning and Roxi sleeping on the empty side at night.

---A long text exchange with my eldest brother, who I rarely get to communicate with much. It was wonderful catching up with him!

----The support of so many of my gals near and far. for the last week I receive daily supportive check-ins from at least one of my gals--it's helping.

---Mom's offer to come up again to help keep me occupied and less lonely. She'll be here Sunday through Thursday with her sewing machine in tow. I've got some projects for her and I know she'll help me work through some of my other big ticket transition questions.

---Even though today's counseling session didn't seem like a great match, I'm thankful for the opportunity and I've already contacted another great referral. I have hope that I will find a helpful match for me!

---The doctors are feeling like my dad's biopsy will probably come back negative. Can't be much more grateful for something than that.

---Tall D made the most awesome new feeders for the chickens while I was gone. Big bins that keep the ladies with food & water for days! AWESOME.

---If I end up moving, a friend of mine has agreed to take the chickens....and the coop, if we can get it moved! That's one weight off my mind.

---Looking forward to a full day of activities tomorrow and the overnight backpacking trip this weekend! Also so appreciative that Tall D is going to drop by the tent, jet boil, his knife, my klean kanteens, and a few other goodies he took the time to pick up for me for this trip! Looking forward to an overnight trip with T...and to also achieving another year 30 goal!

---Received the longest message I've ever gotten from one of my good buddies regarding suggestions for a tent for myself. His helpfulness and referrals both are so appreciated!

---Days of sunshine. Cat cuddles. Produce growing. Squirrels a'hoppin'.

---Aching muscles reminding me of how glad they were to work yesterday...and how fortunate I am to be in decent enough shape to make the trips that I do.

---New toe socks (and my own personal membership) to REI. Since my ankles have been rubbing in my new toe shoes, hopefully socks will be the solution...and keep my sweaty feet from permeating into the shoes! :)

---Easy Nordies returns...and that no BR was located in the mall...maybe it's a sign that I should keep the cute faux-snake skin clutch after all....

---Free shipping on my new Klean Kanteen, Steripen water purifier, and gifts for my friends since Tall D is still letting me use his account.

---An evening watching documentaries on the futon...and reading blogs in bed.

---A solid night's sleep for the first time in weeks.

---The taste of the cucumber from my garden! And the crisp freshness of the asian pears picked yesterday.

---Shiny new dog food bowls so Tall D can have a set at his apartment too. The girls were so glad to watch them be put out, especially with food in them! :)

---The cute old farmer who chatted with me as we picked through corn at the grocery store together.

---Mailing packages to friends and a post card to Granny.

---Looking forward to Katie's trip mid-month.

---Intrigued by the prospects of contacts that have been arriving. And hopefully at some of the contacts that have been sent.

---And most of all, I'm grateful for the ability to take the time to just BE plain grateful....maybe I'll make this the new ending to my days!!

---Grateful too for each one of you readers! Hope you all had a blessed day.


  1. You have a lot of wonderful things going on! Which is awesome! I would love to hear more about this chicken feeder that Tall D built...and all of that food sounds like a great beginning to a curry! Sweet potatoes, coconut milk, add some black beans onions and garlic, curry - blend yum :-)

    1. Heather, I don't know too much about it since he made it while I was gone. It looks like a large bucket with a screw on lid that he drilled two holes about an inch or so from the bottom (one on each side). Then the bucket is sitting in what might supposed to be an oil pan (so it catches and holds the water. The feeder is the same but with feed of course.