Sunday, August 19, 2012

Georgian Surprise

Ten days in Savannah and I left gorgeous Oregon summer days for Southern thunderstorms! :)

Two evenings spent catching up with J, D's husband and my high school/college friend, before he headed off to two weeks of Army training in Texas. It was great seeing them together as a lil fam. We grabbed lunch at a delish Mexican restaurant with lots of great veggie options and spent evenings watching lil man E run around until his bedtime, while J day dreamed with me about sustainable farms and homes.

On Saturday, D and I loaded lil man E up and headed into Savannah for the Farmer's Market and to go to brunch. I was so impressed with the availability of produce at the Farmer's Market and the number of people working out in the green spaces of Forysth Park. D and I pushed E in his stroller over to the brunch location and I was shocked to walk in and find my two other Georgia gals sitting at one of the tables! I'm not one to have the wool be pulled over my eyes so easily and it was such a great surprise! It was SO great to have three of my wonderful gals in the same location and brunch was organic and delicious too. 

Saturday's Farmer's Market

 After brunch, Katie and I headed downtown to be tourists and check out the local squares, historic architecture, and enjoy the beauty, culture, and history of old Savannah. We walked through downtown, took a horse drawn carriage tour to learn more about the history, wandered along the riverfront, found frozen daiquiris at Wet Willies, ate some amazing Southern Cajun seafood for dinner, and then snagged $1 ice creams in celebration of the old ice cream shop's birthday.

Savannah history & architecture

Horse drawn carriage tour passing along Spanish moss draped streets

Katie & I with Mr. Pepper

River St--downtown Savannah on the waterfront w/ old cobble stone streets
Ice cream celebration at Leopold's

Deir had so generously arranged for Katie to spend the night with us, so the three of us gals were able to spend some time together chatting before bed last night and we got up this morning to head out to Tybee Island for the beach. While Katie's from central Georgia, she'd never been here to Savannah or Tybee Island before, so it was great to be able to share the experiences with her.

Tybee Island

D & babe walking along Tybee's shore

Lil man & me in the Atlantic

It'd been 11 years since I'd last been swimming in the Atlantic and while Katie and I were out in the waves, we happened to see two dolphins swimming by less than fifty feet from us! Absolutely amazing! Two hours in  the sun, breeze, and sticky ocean later, E was ready for a nap and us three ladies loaded up the rig and headed back to Savannah---but I did make sure that we stopped for some amazingly ice cream cones! (Peach ice cream in a waffle cone..say no more right?)

An afternoon meal of sushi, sweet tea, and Southern beers, and then Katie needed to head out for home. It was so seriously great to spend some quality time with one of my favorite and closest milspouse gals, and even greater to see her doing so well! SO happy to have spent two days getting to know this newest version of Katie, still so surprised at how well my gals surprised me, and looking forward to more days with D and the opportunity to spend more quality time with my gal Heather! There's still some moments of sadness of life circumstances at home working their way in, but it's also making these moments with each of my friends all the more sweeter. Feeling so grateful for the wonderful women who surround my life!

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