Thursday, August 9, 2012

Arizona Vacation

First off, if no one has ever told you, Arizona is BEAU-TI-FUL! Way more green than I ever expected with the shocking wonderful contrast of vibrant orange from the rocks and stark brilliant blue sky--it's truly amazing. Add in some full-armed cacti, some vibrant orange and pink blooming bushes, and palm trees and you're surrounded by some pretty enticing scenery.

More than anything though the trip was amazing because of my two dear gals--time spent with them is always time well spent and the laughter that flowed was much needed and much appreciated. We talked about the details of life but also there were plenty of simple moments where we could just BE...and appreciate being in the presence of each other. There were some regular happenings: dance parties in the car, singing to the radio, fresh created juice from the juicer, Starbucks runs in the mornings, fiendish shopping excursions, lazy evenings. There were some special things like building each other up, an afternoon lounging by the pool in 108 degree heat, a trek to downtown Phoenix for First Fridays "art," a stop at Monsterland (bar decorated like a haunted house) for live music and beers, and a Sunday day trip to find the vortexes at Sedona. Brook and I learned how to walk about in 110 degree weather and we all found some great shopping for her to enjoy. I ate some of the most amazing "fast food" I've ever had from Rubio's, which does sustainable "beach mex" and provided me with some great fish tacos and the best bean & cheese burrito on fresh tortillas I've ever had. And I came home with some great photos and a few other treasures for the home (Egyptian cross & zebra mask) and closet (copper bracelet, faux python clutch, Nordies bras (on anniversary sale!) & 3 new shirts for work/play).

First Fridays: Downtown Phoenix

Art in the making with live drum beats in the background.

Caitlin near a music mural--both gals are very musically gifted!

Beers on the patio at Monsterland.


Near Sedona--Cathedral Rock vortex

Caitlin & Brook communing at Cathedral Rock vortex

Brook and I left early Monday morning, sweated through some 108 weather at some outdoor outlets in California, and crashed with our other high school friend at her interesting apartment-sitting location in San Francisco for the night (artists lofts with one communal bathroom/shower). Anxious to get on our way, we headed out early on Tuesday and drove up the beautiful Hwy 101 back to our hometown on the Oregon coast. The coastal drive was much needed after the sameness of the I-10 drive the day before and we loved passing through the small towns, seeing beach views, and driving through the redwoods on our final trek home. Altogether it was an amazing time---my soul feels refreshed and I feel so fortunate to be able to continue to call these two my friends and in a sense my sisters. Its great to be reminded of who one was while still being appreciated and respected for who one has become--and I hope those two feel the same. I wouldn't be who I am today without their presence in my life and while we talk infrequently the moments we share mean oh so much. Here's to planning a summer 2013 vacation for the three of us! :) (Time share in Sedona or Mexico? I say so!!)

A quick overnight sleep at my parents place included laundry doing and What Not to Wear watching with mom. Checked in via email for work to plan out the work schedule for the next few days and then headed for a much needed massage the next morning. The local Wednesday farmer's market was going on a few blocks from the day spa and I was happily surprised to find better selection and cheaper prices than the local markets up here. I landed a small box of peaches for $20, 1/2 flat of strawberries for $10, and a big bag of green beans for Tall D for $4. Loaded my goods into the Sorento, swung by my aunt's to check on her growing kittens, stopped by the church's food pantry were mom was volunteering to say goodbye, and headed back on north. The four hour drive felt like nothing after such long days in the car!! Within ten minutes of my arrival to the house, I was surrounded by every part of my fur crew who were so happy to have me home! :) Tall D will be over this evening to help me can the peaches and I hope to either freeze or jam the strawberries. The garden looks great, Major's stoked to have human companionship, and everything is unpacked and resettled. Definitely feels nice to be here---rejuvenating from my trip, taking car of work items, looking forward to celebrating Saturday's 30th birthday, and gearing up for the next week's excursion :)

Sending lots of love and fulfillment to each of you and yours!

And a HUGE thank you to mis padres for the car exchange! The Prius was a breeze to drive and legitimately saved us in gas and $! Felt so strange to get back into my ginormous Sorento :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! And much deserved :-) The pictures are beautiful.

    1. Thanks gal! You and the fam should definitely take a long road trip down sometime there if you can---especially when the kids get a bit older. It's worth seeing and enjoying!

  2. I love this blog! Thank you for sharing it with me. I agree with everything you said about our trip to AZ. It was fun, refreshing, and encouraging. I was thinking about the differences in the new friendships that I have made now and my connection with you guys and I realized that you guys don't just feel like friends, but like sisters. I am so thankful to have you both in my life. I love you guys so much! We will rock it again in 2013!

    1. Yes ma'am on all accounts! Love ya gal and I'm definitely looking forward to the next one. Come visit for a long weekend :) I promise to take you shopping, create delish healthy meals for you, and allow you relaxation mixed with fun! :)