Sunday, August 5, 2012

Arizona Road Trip Down

Two years ago, my three best gals from my senior year of high school and I decided that during Summer 2012, three of us would drive down to visit the fourth where she lives in Arizona. Earlier this spring we started exchanging emails about seeing it through, and while our gal K couldn't make it, two of us still decided to make it happen as we had the resources available and to be honest, two of us so needed this trip this summer. There's nothing quite like time reacquainting with my best girls. My parents were amazing and agreed to let us borrow their Prius to save gas, money, and the environment. So over this long weekend, I've been in beautiful, sunny, amazing Arizona having a blast with two of my favorite gals. I'll share pictures in segments, but this set is from the drive down. There's nothing quite like a road trip to stir your soul and make you appreciate the natural beauty that this nation holds. There were many beautiful vistas, some soul-to-soul conversations, and some surprises along the way too. :)

Full moon evening.

Stopped along a large lake in the middle of no where in Nevada--surprised to see a lake in the middle of the desert!

Along the shore of the lake dragonflies were molting...

Kept driving all day and evening until we made it all the way to Vegas in Day 1. A late night drive down the Vegas strip. Never thought I'd want to come here, but this quick overnight drive thru changed my mind---the adult Disney!
A quick bite at a DQ on Route 66. I sat at an old picnic table listening to oldies music feeling very much connected to the past.
Hoover Dam--amazing to see such an engineering feat produced by man!
From Hoover Dam, standing on the river separating Arizona and Nevada.
Drove a bit out of the way to get to the Grand Canyon--gorgeous as ever! Some day I'll make it back with more time to explore and enjoy the area!

Brook and I at the Grand Canyon.

Sunset from a gas stop at Flagstaff.

The Hoover dam photos should be above the Route 66 but I couldn't get them to move up into sequence!


  1. Awesome! I would love to take a road trip out west someday. I haven't been further west than Chicago :-) The pictures look great, and I bet you had an amazing time! Yay!

    1. Heather---any time you want to take a road trip out this way or a flight---you're always more than welcome and you (& your fam) have a place to crash. Would love to have you!!