Monday, December 31, 2012

Trillium Lake Snowshoe Trip

There's a chance I might have a new exercise addiction :) Last evening my gal E and I checked in about snow shoeing again today (she & her hub also went by themselves on Saturday). I knew that my housemate (A) has been wanting to get out and about, so we arranged for the three of us to head back up to Mt Hood.

The morning started out a lil behind, as I had to gas up and my tire pressure light was on (many thanks to the gents at Les Schwab for checking & filling my tires!), but we were only 15 minutes late to the rendezvous spot to get E & her dog. We made it up to the rental store by mid-morning, and as E owns two pairs of snow shoes already (and has a winter parking pass), we only had to rent one other pair for A. Luckily the three dogs got along (with Roxi it's hit or miss...and I honestly wasn't going to bring them today BUT couldn't bear to leave them behind while I went on an outdoor adventure that I knew they'd love) and it was a blast watching them run around like crazies along the track. We leashed them when around lots of other people, but it was so fun to see them chase each other and burrow through the snow banks :)

This was A's first time on the mountain and first time snow shoeing and she really seemed to enjoy herself, while E and I had a great time chit chatting as we walked along. (Note to self: show A more of Oregon.)

Today's trek was around Trillium Lake, which is about a 4-5 mile loop in the winter. Different views and less sun today---but still incredibly picturesque and beautiful!! Definitely a great way to spend the final day of the year!

Now, when to go again?! :) 


  1. I think I would do this...if it wasn't going to be in the teens the next week. I am more of a snowmobile girl. You know, head out, maybe stop at a camp with a wood stove for hot cocoa and then make your way back home...for more hot cocoa :-) I used to do a lot of cross country skiing, love it, and it keeps you so warm. The kids are more of the sledding type right now though :-)

  2. Nice work! That is awesome that you are getting out there and enjoying the winter beauty! I always tell myself that I am going to do more winter activities so that I don't dread winter as much as I do, but every year I neglect to do anything (ok, partially because of the ball and chain that is CFA studying which really limits my ability to do things on the weekend during daylight hours). But I do want to go ice skating this month at this cool outdoor rink, and I've got the boyfriend on board to do this as well, so I am going to make that happen!