Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Early December Ramblings Update

----Today/tonight's been odd. Not sure why today has felt so off. Not many plans maybe. Thinking but not thinking. Lots of free time ahead. Whatever the deal....I'm in a weird space. Tomorrow morning I meet a buddy for breakfast and in the evening it's book club. I'm debating whether to take tomorrow as a rest day or just keep working out if for no other reason that the stabilization. Maybe it's just the holidays making me introspective...time to keep cracking on some goals then :)

----Last night was the final lecture of the term. Two more meeting times next week to give the final...then they have to be graded and all three courses of grades have to be inputted to the system. As of next Friday, the term is officially over.

-----As mentioned the final lectures of the term are my favorites. I spent part of Tuesday afternoon texting my friends all the fascinating things I was rereading in the text book regarding sex. This term contained the most gigglers, but the final class meeting was good and I had several students ask if they could either retake my course for fun or if I taught other courses-----this is always incredibly rewarding feedback as an instructor.

-----This evening I looked for/at available there are a couple available right now that would be pretty ideal positions....except now I'm registered for courses for the next, and a big part of me is not wanting to give up on that POTENTIAL in order to get an additional took me a couple weeks to get on the school bandwagon but I don't that I'm willing to quit that pursuit without actually giving it a try. Always the catch 22.

-----I am expecting that much of December will be invested in reading. I finally finished Mountains Beyond Mountains about infectious disease and international health, and in the last 24hrs I completed Where We Belong, our book club selection and a book about adoption--another of my passions. I still have a stack by my bedside and many unread selections in the guest room. I'm also back to being halfway through Radical---and liking it better this time.

----Which my guest room currently is housing a short-term renter. The room stayed furnished, she's here for December with the potential for longer albeit doubtful since she's working downtown and applying for jobs and options all over the city. She's incredibly nice, with Midwest charm, and she loves the animals. It's actually been really nice to have someone else in the home, even if our schedules are incredibly varying.

-----So far this week I've already logged almost 20 miles. My challenge to run on every sunny day is pushing me out many days, as we've had much more sunshine than I would have expected! Plus I needed the mental health break on a frustrating day or two earlier this week. G was supposed to run with me this evening, but ended up having to cancel due to blisters.

----I think I'm partly excited to take classes.....because honestly, I've been starting to realize that my brain isn't functioning as well as it used to. I need stimulation, I need to stretch my mind, and I need that inputting of facts and information. Maybe that is what's actually fueling this new interest to the courses I've registered for, I'm not sure. But I do know that I officially paid the rest of my bill this last week.

----Saturday is move day for Granny. Will be so nice to have her closer and here's hoping it's a good experience for her as well.

----I was stoked last week to find a Nintendo DS system in a box in the garage. Tall D had to come get some stuff this week and he also retrieved out of another box another handheld system. I've always wanted either/or but have never been willing to spend the cash on one. I also forsee part of December going to acquainting myself with either system as long as they work!

----So far, my ring hasn't sold yet :( but I'm hoping it will soon. Not that it'll put much of a dent in my credit card divorce debt but it'll at least take some of it away. I've also been contemplating selling the Wii system, but don't think I'd get much for it and am not sure I really want to do that just yet. At least for now, I'm still not buying much, I'm not planning on buying many (if any) Xmas presents, and I'm trying to only pay for stuff with debit instead of credit.

----So much deployment and military stuff has been on my heart this week. I have been thinking so much of my fellow milspouses and everything they're going through. Love these ladies!

----I had a slight financial issue with a friend this week---catching me off guard, frustrated with my bank, and unsure of more than one thing.

-----Last weekend was THE state football game which my high school participated in, although sadly the game did not end in our favor. It wasn't even close. But it was phenomenal to see the turn-out of just how many people made the 4-5 hour drive to support their community and high schools. Those are the moments that make me love smaller towns.

----Tonight I ate a frozen pizza for the first time since our Louisiana days. It was marvelous, especially along with hard apple cider! :) I also made at least two other real meals for myself this week (a loaded baked potato and an avocado/bacon/lettuce grilled cheese with a side of roasted veggies)---so I've been trying to work on the whole eating thing.

----The dogs are getting some quality cuddle time each day, joined me on one run this week, and also joined me on an errand to Costco yesterday. Ironically the Tall one also happened to randomly show up at the Costco also, so he got to love on the dogs after our separate check-outs---Anna especially is always glad to see him.

----My other goal for this month is to attempt to spend at least ten minutes combined in prayer each day, generally praying mainly for other people. So far I'm remembering to spend time in prayer although it's not going exactly how I intended.

----I'm forming a post on more divorce related stuff---not necessarily for other people but more for myself, some things I want to make sure to remember in order to hopefully offer support to others when they're grieving.

----Closet go-thru needs to getting dressed this last week I realized that for real many of my clothes are currently too big, even my skinny skirts were looser than usual. The plus side is that it really should pare down much of what's available....and I KNOW that eventually this major health kick will die down and I'll probably be back to my old sizing.

----And that also leads me to the interesting fact that suddenly my blog has been getting hits like crazy. A couple hundred in the last week or two in fact, yet there are rarely comments and I'm not entirely sure why there's this major peak all the sudden, especially since my most hit post was the one I wrote about Thanksgiving.....hmmm....interesting.


  1. Nice work on getting so many runs in this week! I have been slacking on the mileage lately. I think December will be another low month as I am activating a groupon for a month membership to a gym so I will probably do more classes.

    That is awesome that you got such great feedback from your students! I can't believe the semester is coming to an end - it seems like you were just saying that the semester started!

    1. I can't believe the semester is winding down either! Although I can't believe it's the middle of december already either---where did this year go?!

      I can imagine that gym membership will come in handy with the colder winter months!!

  2. I love reading your updates! It is nice to see what you have going on. I wouldn't get rid of the wii...there are some quality games for that baby :-)

    I have been starting to think about goals for next year. I like how you seem to go by your birthday, but for me, when the holidays come around I start thinking about all the things I want to do for the next year. I think it might be a seasonal thing though...since I seem to think about new goals at the beginning of each season. I guess I am thankful for the long winter months to get my head in order before all the doing of spring/summer/fall!

    I'm so glad you are able to go back to school, it seems like something that you have been passionate about since I started reading your blog...ummm...5 years ago? I would love to take some more classes, I think that my head is a lot clearer for learning now than when I was in college the first time around. What I wouldn't give to take my environmental economics class again...I think that I may have missed some great information because I was too thick headed at the time to take it seriously! And anything food related would be fun too.

    As far as blog hits goes...I have been getting spammed a lot lately. It might just be me though. I seem to have a big following from the Ukraine...

    1. Ukraine huh? That's crazy! :)

      And thanks for the support gal---I totally appreciate it. I just have this weird uneasiness about going back to school yet again, so I'm going to need all the support I can get to actually make it happen. It's funny because everyone I talk to seems to think the potential end goal is a good one....I just really didn't expect to head back again...and definitely not now...but it's amazing how God sometimes uses these moments yea? :) I just need to TRUST better!

      I'll be interested to see what goals you come up with as you are processing things during the holiday season!