Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wrapping Up the Term Wear

I still haven't made my 30 items, 30 days selections although the last two weeks helped whittle down my choices even more in terms of bottoms! The last few weeks also saw me pull some items out of the closet that haven't seen as much use, so you should notice a few items that appear new but definitely are not!

Tuesday teaching:
Pretty plain jane :) as the outfit I thought of in my head didn't pan out and this is what got thrown together instead.

(Yellow polka dot button-up, gray cardi, work-weight jean pencil skirt (target), gray suede mary janes)

Weds errands: 
Decided to wear the argyle again!

(black cami, yellow argyle sweater, skinny jeans, gray suede flats)

Wednesday teaching: 
I still remember the day I bought this sweater on a shopping trip to Tacoma's H&M. I was visiting a friend at McChord AFB and Tall D & I had just gotten together...ha! I've also come to love this skirt--it's one of the few that still fits right, it was thrifted, and I like the pattern! This outfit is also another fashion thing that I don't usually's a light weight sweater..that's tucked in.

(pink sweater, black cami, thrifted skirt, black belts & flats)

Weekend family day: 
This was the day I wanted to just sleep for hours after I'd just slept for I chose the next best thing to pajamas--black leggings, a long-sleeved black shirt, and the first sweater dress I'd ever bought (en route to NOLA no less!). Is it weird that I seriously remember where I buy stuff years later?!

Tuesday Final: 
Low on time--mimicked the outfit from Sunday and went with a military inspired shirt dress from the BR outlet a few years back over the same bottoms as Sunday....with a belt. 

What do you wear to fix chicken & rice with your ex to treat your dogs messed up stomachs? Yup my old standby: a cami, shirt, and cardi on top with skinny jeans and ballet flats on the bottom. Cozy and comfortable!

Wednesday Final: 
A more casual take on Whitney's pattern mixing today! Had to get inspiration somewhere in a short amount of time!! I almost did a khaki shirt & belt combo to better follow suit but gray skirt with gray shoes was faster!

(gray skirt, gray suede mary janes, green striped button-up, argyle sweater, & dangly green earrings)


  1. I remember where I bought almost everything I own--I don't think that's weird at all! Also, loving the argyle.

  2. Cute! My favorite is that patterned skirt with the pink top! Love it!! You always look so pulled together. :)