Saturday, December 29, 2012

First Snowshoe Trip!

I've been wanting to try snowshoeing for the last 6-10 years and my gal T and I had been monitoring the roads & weather this week to try to head up the mountain. Today was beautiful and clear--it was a completely GORGEOUS day! The mountain was packed due to it being the holiday weekend and the snow shoes were slightly different than I expected, but once I got the dogs past the crowds it was an awesome experience. The snowshoe rentals were pretty cheap and really easy to pick up from the Mountain Tracks Ski shop at Government Camp ($10 for shoes/poles, $15 for boots/shoes/poles, plus $5 for a parking pass), and all things considered it seemed like a great way to enjoy the snow, be outdoors, and get some exercise. The dogs had a complete blast and are passed out this evening on the bed. I might need to get Roxi some lil' booties as she had issues with the snow freezing to the fur between her toes... but only if I was to start snow shoeing on the regular. 

I've been realizing how much I love to be in the outdoors, how much I love to push myself, to try new things, to spend time with good friends, and to watch the dogs have today was definitely a ton of fun! ....and I was glad to really use my AWD as well :)

The girls and I might try to go back up one more time before the term starts up, but we'll see how things pan out! It'd be awesome to do a weekend somewhere either via camping or cabin, but not likely with current finances. :) Hope y'all had a happy Saturday too!


  1. What a wonderful place, so beautiful.
    No snow for us in the UK, just rain, rain and more rain - we are lucky to be on high ground, some of the flooding has been bad this year.

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! I am glad you got a chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings! I have only been snow shoeing once, but I loved it!