Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Confessions

I always love when other people do random items about themselves...it's like getting a peak into the psyche and getting to know someone in a completely different way--ha!

So here are some randoms:

---Up until last year, I hated red wine--gave me a headache. I only drank white. These days a red blend is my preferred wine of choice....and I think whoever discovered that red wine is heart healthy deserves an extra gold star in heaven.

---I have less than desirable feet. Oh their shape is alright, but I'm a female who has always thought that callouses demonstrated strength and character...and I like that they allow me to walk on gravel....feet to me are for functioning, not for making pretty....

---Although, sigh, I also have a toe fungus...that I picked up either from a) high school swim team showers or b) the pedicure I got from a hut in Brazil. Either way, I'm not willing to take the harmful meds that can get rid of it so that suckers with me for life....and I just hippie-nail paint over it.

---I'm pretty sure my students are equal parts in awe and thinking I'm disgusting when we talk about infectious diseases and I share that I'm pretty sure I've had 5 out of the 6 categories...and then I tell them the story about how as a kid I was sickly and had childhood asthma....and Mom let us kids run around barefoot in the mud puddles in the Philippines...and apparently there is a tropical worm that is sometimes used as an alternative treatment method to build up immune systems etc...Hey, if it's legit....at least I outgrew my asthma :)

---I hate paying mucho buckos for a hair cut. Today I got my hair cut for the first time in two months---a trim really...and it was $38. I know, I know that's WAY less than most my friends pay to have their hair done, but still, $20 would be golden. I'm trying to figure out how I can rope Deir into giving me regular trims while she's back in state....please gal?! :)

---I'm pretty sure I have a higher testosterone level than most females. I won't go into reason #2 for this thought (I'll let you infer) but reason #1 is that I like to sweat and I like harder work-outs than most females I know. Reason #3 is that hair grows like crazy....and I hate having to shave legs every.single.day. And reason #4 is cause my dermatologist in high school once told me so as a reason as to why I had more than average break-outs that required his services.

---During my exchange to Argentina, I had a massive crush on one of my host brothers...and he in turn also developed a thing for me. He was tall (like 6'5"), dark olive skin & dark hair, and charming. We would banter back and forth all the time in my funny Spanish and his limited English. The catch was that he had a long term girlfriend who I really did respect...and I had a rule that I wasn't supposed to date. We spent a New Years dancing at the beach after a bonfire, walking out on a jetty where he told me the most romantic thing I've ever heard, saw fireworks, and then we watched the sun come up on 2001...and spent the early morning hours picking up the beach of left over trash. We almost kissed..but didn't, and then his girlfriend showed up the next day....and our flirtation ended. I don't know that I've ever really shared that story-ha!

---I hate the unknown moments and uncertainties of life. As much as I enjoy change...I like a plan and security to be involved in that change. And I'm most uncomfortable and panicking when I don't know what I'm doing....

---I think I need to make myself angel hair pasta. Tall one didn't like spaghetti noodles. I think I've eaten spaghetti noodles a total of 3-4x in the last 4 years....and I used to LOVE angel hair. Note to self: buy angel hair pasta.

---I wish that alternative milks could active the setting magic in pudding. It's so discouraging to want to make Jello pudding but to have to buy real milk in order to have it set up correctly!

What randomness have you been thinking of lately?


  1. Holy crap it costs a lot to get a hair cut out there! It costs me $15 to get a hair cut...now if I had my hair done with color etc (which I used to do) it would be closer to $75, but just a cut...man. I now typically only get my hair cut once/year, and then I just chop it off :-)

    And I LOVE angel hair pasta. Especially with fresh pasta sauce - chop tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, mozz cheese, add some extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh basil, and then put over hot angel hair - yum!

    And you can make pudding with almond milk...but it has to be the old fashioned kind that you make from scratch...you know with egg yolks and such. Totally worth it though! It is delicious :-)

  2. Well gal, I'm sure I can find cheaper....I've just transitioned from the short hair category/cost to the long hair side of things apparently...sigh. I miss the days of $15 in Louisiana!

    I'll totally have to look up an old fashioned recipe for pudding then--not sure what I think about the eggs in it though!! :)

  3. Oh man, I can't imagine not liking spaghetti! I could probably eat spaghetti noodles every day if I let myself. Def go out and get some angel hair pasta!

    I have horrible calluses, too. I have extremely high arches, so high that I ended up having to get orthodics this month as my feet have been really bothering me lately!