Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's Cooking as of Late

 Townsend House is having a cooking link up--LOVE IT, especially since attempting to cook/bake/preserve more is on my list of goals for this summer.

Dinner last night: Pre-made eggplant raviolis (Costco) with sauteed spinach, sundried tomatoes, feta, & pesto

Dinner several weeks ago for a night with Tall D: baked salmon w/ Tony's seasoning w/ halved grape tomatoes and cubed red potatoes all over rice. Dessert: sauteed strawberries, homemade biscuits, & whipped cream

Beyond that we're in the season of simple summer meals:
Baked potatoes loaded with homemade guac & salsa; sides of sauteed onions & zukes; more homemade banana nut muffins; berry smoothies; mixed greens salad w/ feta, pecans, cranberries, & cucumber; backyard egg scrambles w/ spinach, feta, & onions; weekend blueberry waffles

I've also still got my summer goal of loading up the garage freezer so this week a Costco trip I did make: extra bags of frozen tropical fruit for smoothies, extra bags of organic, shade-grown coffee beans, loaves of local, organic bread (although I should really make my own & freeze them), pre-made raviolis. I'm still picking and freezing our blackberries as they come on...and there will be more fresh fruit and veggies to add as the season continues. I'd love to find a fish source but that's a work in progress :)

What's cooking in your neck of the woods?


  1. Oh my gosh! Deliciousness! I need to get my deep freeze makes my life so much easier! as of now...i have to make bread every other day and can't stock up on it...thanks for linking my dear!

    1. Of course--I love this idea of a link up you're doing and I hope it helps motivate me to test my old magic in the kitchen.

  2. mmm, spinach, sundried tomatoes, and feta is such a good combination and can easily just be thrown over pasta (or in your case a nice ravioli). i need to remember this combination!

    1. Heidi--yes, it's seriously delicious and has become one of my main pasta standbys! (The left overs are even good as a pasta salad the next day.) Thanks for stopping by :)