Monday, July 16, 2012

A Perfect Backyard Afternoon

Sometimes I love that after five hours of work at the office, an afternoon in the backyard can go from this:
A heaping colander of black berries picked while enjoying blueberry sun tea made on the deck.

A blackberry & rhubarb crisp from the backyard and two pints of blackberry freezer jam.

Plus a dinner of sauteed zukes from the aunt's garden & a scramble made from eggs from my chickens to provide energy for my newest yard project this evening.....And this is why an Oregon summer is!

Side note: Today Tera (the hen) laid her first egg in the laying box and the ladies were able to put themselves to bed without assistance this evening! (In case I haven't advised the chickens eventually gained names. Tera--for the frequently broody hen who puffs and squawks like a teradactyl and Turd-o--who has never quite figured out how to not drip poop down her backside....and there you have them! ;))

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