Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Home Decor Changes

Hi all!

As mentioned, rearranging, reorganizing, and redecorating the house has been one of my primary coping mechanisms in the midst of all the separation madness that has been happening. Many of the changes are some I'd been contemplating for a while, but others are newer ideas or Pinterest inspired. There are still a few changes to come, although as much as I love my lil' rental, I'm realizing more and more that financially I absolutely need to get a housemate within the next few months....otherwise all the changes will have been for naught if I have to move up out of this place!

But without further ado: My "New" AKA Personalized Digs....

Living Room--returned to original furniture lay-out which I love so much better. Carpets were cleaned by Z and I washed the drapes. I'm still hoping that Tall D and I can create faux built-ins on either side of the fireplace that mimic some like these.

(Leather chair & area rug ($50): Target, couch: West Elm (LA), coffee table: carved in Philippines (family heirloom), Ikea chair & stool via Salvation Army, globe light: Pottery Barn kids ($12), long drapes: Ikea)

Entry--changed immensely as mirror and canvas were moved to these new locations. The zebra rug is new and I love it! I still need to refurb a larger bench my dad made to take the place of the leather one...but I really do love this new use of space.

(Zebra rug: Ross (recent $12), Leather bench: Target (LA), Large mirror & canvas artwork: Ikea (LA), keychain holder: handmade by brother's kids)

Dining nook--the picture and awesome indoor/outdoor rug under the table are new additions. I had been eyeballing the rug at Target for a few weeks when I randomly came across it brand new at Goodwill--score!  The rug might still get relocated however since it constantly bunches under the table. 

(Pub table: Walmart (LA), Large canvas art & cream drapes: Ross (recent $50), Target area rug via Goodwill (recent $29))

Small "master" bath--cupboards got purged and reorganized. The folding shower door was removed and our old shower curtain with a new liner put in its place. Artwork got moved around...and the plant actually got watered. 

(Plant: gifted, Shower curtain: reused from past residence, Art work: gifted Hallmark)

Master bedroom--clothes were purged and closet reorganized. New picture from Target although I might create something different like this to go above the bed. Also scored the baskets on clearance at JoAnne's and they fit PER-FECTLY in the nightstands. Oh and pretty shams were added...just because I now can! :)

(Bed: Pottery Barn w/ coupon!, Duvet cover: West Elm clearance, Nightstands: Bimart ($20!!), Baskets: Joanne's ($7), Picture: Target ($9), Lamps: Goodwill)

"Den"--this is the area off the kitchen and where the biggest changes occurred. I spray-painted the faux brick behind the gas stove black and then Z helped me tape for the thick horizontal stripes and he cleaned the carpets. Tall D fixed our old wooden futon and I put the taupe slipcover back on it. The jute rug was a steal ($40 at Lowe's for 8'X10'!), the mirror above the futon was a steal ($20 Ross clearance), and the inspiration board (below-Pier 1 $50) was just too good to pass up. Reused old drapes and hung them with a basic $5 curtain rod. Today Tall D and I figured out a TV situation (we bought a new larger sale one for him and split the cost of it...then I got our original TV) and he set it up with my old DVD/VCR device I'd pulled out of storage and we created a Netflix account for me. I seriously LOVE this room---and every time I look at makes me smile inside a bit. 

(old shelf: dad-made, Futon: hand-me-down, TV stand: Craigslist, Ottoman/table: Target, Wall photos: gifted originals, Mirror: Ross, Area rug: Lowe's)

Love this sign! "Eat a Cupcake" :)

My other BIG home purchase is pictured above. One of the things I realized last summer when Tall D and I originally talked about getting divorced, was that I'd really always been bummed that we didn't ever get "china" together. I'm not the type of gal that wants fancy china, but rather I wanted dishes that represented us. A year later I still hadn't been able to convince him to get dishes for us and I also hadn't found any dishes that really excited me.....until two weeks ago when I found both the above patterns at Pier 1. Since they're a big investment, I hemmed and hawed until breaking down and finally marching back into the store and gleefully walking out with 10 dinner plates, 10 dessert plates, 10 bowls, and 2 mugs of the blue pattern....and 10 mid-size plates with the birds on them. heart swoons every time I look at them....and ironically regardless of how Tall D and I turn out...he actually likes them too!

Pinterest inspired fix: This was a lamp shade that was white with a lot of dust and a stain....until I saw this fabulous idea on Pinterest and wrapped natural jute around and around the shade until it was covered....and now it looks pretty darn awesome if I can say so!

The guest bedroom is back to its original status....although it could probably use a head board of some sort. My secret hall closet got half-way organized---all my files were purged, items separated, etc. The guest bathroom is back up to par and then I just have one ginormous empty bedroom....that eventually will be filled with a housemate.

All creates a definite mix of items but hopefully it includes a relaxing vibe that makes people want to stay a while. Just to get those few projects completed....and then it's time to REALLY tackle the yard! :)

What's going on in your homes these days? Any new Pinterest inspiration on your ends?


  1. I love looking at pinterest, but I never actually do anything with what i see...well, besides the recipes and book recs :-) Everything looks great! I hope you are able to stay in your place!

    1. Haha Z used to say that pinterest was evil, cause I kept coming up with more and more ideas. It's great inspiration honestly--there are a few other lil projects I hope to get my hands started on this summer but we'll see. Hope I get to stay here too--love it here! Thanks for all your continued support--you have no idea how much I appreciate it across the distance!