Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Welcome to the New Site!

Hello folks and welcome to the new site!

Why a new blog? Well, for several reasons. A new blog for a new chapter in life. A new blog to mark the start of another five years of writing, sharing, and hopefully restoring. A new blog to redefine oneself and to "journey toward authenticity." And quite frankly, a new blog because after five years of blogging at Simply Authentic...I'd run out of free picture space! :)

Per usual, life has gotten in the way in good and bad ways in the last few weeks and I'll be back in the next few days to share a few updates on current life circumstances and happenings. There have been many things that I've been meaning to share, of course!

For now, know that I'm looking forward to this next chapter of blogging and to continue to share life with all of you. Here's hoping each one of you who stumbles or follows here has a great week ahead of you!


  1. oh goodness! i haven't even thought about running out of picture space...that's no good! but, glad to see that you have a new online place to call home :-)

  2. 1. I thought it was you who became a new follower on my blog.
    2. I love the new name (haha guess it is the year for that huh?)
    3. I am concerned about the picture amount -- Google should make Blogger be like email where they keep adding space. I have already loaded tons of high quality pics...
    4. Looking forward to following you on this new blog! It does feel great to get new space even if it is online ;-)
    5. Hope you're having an awesome summer day!!