Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ramona Falls Day Hike

Trail markers and a bit of the PCT

Ramona Falls

Gorgeous views of Mt Hood

Little bridges spanning the creek.

Tall D and I were going to do an overnight backpack trip....but a late night the night before and a much needed sleeping in morning the day we were to head out, prompted us to take a day hike instead. The hike itself turned out to be a fairly easy one---about 7.5 miles round trip but it was a great opportunity for Anna to test out her new dog hiking pack and we've been a lil concerned that Roxi's getting older aka she's not going to hack these 15+ mile trips anymore. It was a warm day so both the dogs were completely tuckered out by the time we were done--only further proving that Roxi will be staying home on longer trips. Anna totally loved her pack, albeit it'll be an adjustment for her to realize that her shape/size has changed with it on!

This hike would be a great hike to take out-of-state visitors on---great views of Mt Hood, a beautiful waterfall at the half-way point, and a few lil bridges to cross the creek. There are some great camp sites and spots to camp for back packing as well--we'll definitely have to go back and explore some more of the terrain as time permits this summer! It's been neat to hike a few lil' stretches of the PCT since that's the subject of our book this month--sort of makes me more able to envision the journey. :)

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