Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pursuing Happiness: Garden Growth, Dog Packs, & Food for Thought

Yesterday had the best of intentions and I've been in a great space the last few days....but then I had a disappointing afternoon as two of the U Picks I tried to visit for blueberries for jam making and freezing were both closed and I received a postcard in the mail stating that I wasn't considered for one of the three jobs I've applied for recently--this job being the one I had the most faith in. As much as I know job rejections are standard in a heavily educated population like Portland, it still was a slight ego blow and worry inducing, especially since I'd worked closely with one of the supervisors before...and the whole thing just left me majorly assessing my financial situation. (I have a decent amount of savings...I just don't want to blow through it all for living expenses.) To be honest there are a lot of "fun" things I'd hoped to budget for in the next two months, but until I have a housemate or job lined up, I don't feel enough freedom to pursue completing those dreams. Luckily Tall D is being a great support in terms of us maintaining a friendship and for the third time in the last week, he showed up over here and hung around until he could tell I was in a better place. During which, we ran to both Costcos to look at TVs and he cut me the split-payment-deal so that we both won out in the end... and then he came over to get it all set up.

....but beyond his support, really two things brought me a great deal of happiness yesterday:

Watering the Garden and seeing it really starting to produce:
Garlic heads

Kolarobi in the middle, carrots on the left, strawberries on the right. The plastic mesh is my make-shift way to keep the chickens out so starts/seeds had a chance! Blackberries and mint in the background, and cilantro & green onions to the right.

Lil' tomatoes are just starting to come on....and even the pepper plants are blooming.

Added rows of string and tightened the rows already there to help the snow peas and green beans fare better in their attempt to climb up. 
Artichoke plant is large and in charge....and for the second year has two artichokes on it!
U-Picks might not be open, but the last two nights allowed me to pick black and blueberries from the yard. Rinsed and put up to freeze.

And in my initial disappointment, I hauled five loads of dirt back to the coop area for fill-in. (Somehow when the guys hauled the dirt out, we'd forgotten that it'd all have to come back in.....) Note: There's a reason wheelbarrows started being made more cheaply, these old metal ones are HEAVY!! Coop is progressing!

Reason #2: Anna's Hiking Pack Arrived!
Tall D ordered her a pack so she can carry her own food & water when they do longer hikes...and she seriously LOVED it. She ran around the house with that huge smile...and then was completely disappointed when the pack came off and she wasn't taken on a hike at 10pm! :)

AND One More Thing For Good Measure: Per usual Flower Patch Farmgirl also had some great posts that struck home with me yesterday, but really this guest writing stuck out to me the most and also got me thinking about needing to just TRUST and follow in God's direction for the next year....something I haven't been too great at doing in the last few years. Regardless of finances, regardless of Tall D's and my mess, regardless of all the minuscule details....the Big Man has never failed to provide and I need to remember that He won't fail me (or Tall D or you dear reader or any of us) now...especially if we remember to trust in and truly follow Him. I honestly need to stop putting my hope in anyone but Him.

Ironically to go along with all the above thoughts, today's email Bible verse from KLove is "Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart's desires." --Psalm 37:4

Here's hoping that TODAY, this Wednesday is a better one than yesterday for all of us!

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