Thursday, April 24, 2014

Virtual Happy Hour

Wow--how are we nearing the end of April. In recent conversations with a friend, this year is supposedly to go quickly and I can't deny that I agree. The year itself is flying by!

So what are some random things of late that I would share if we were at happy hour?!

--I got two jogs in this week. I finally felt the desire to run again on Saturday evening but I didn't fully have time and the energy until Monday. Monday's jog was uber slow and there was still a moment when I didn't feel like my brain and everything upstairs was totally functioning and as "stable" as I'd hoped it would be. Really I knew I'd be fine, but part of it might be that I don't trust my ability to read the signs of my body as well. This evening's jog was at a much faster pace than Monday's but I also learned real fast that two weeks of not really running has definitely impacted by distance and stamina abilities. I'm still not secure in my body enough to want to do any solo hiking but I'd like to get back to "training" of a sort.

--I had one or two nights of still not sleeping super great and the other nights have been incredibly solid nights. Even after sleeping for 8-9 hours some nights, I'm still feeling like I could sleep all day if given the opportunity however.

--Most of last weekend was spent grading, although I had a great evening of an amazingly delicious shrimp boil on Saturday and then Easter brunch with family on Sunday. (I totally spaced adding sugar to my sticky buns however, so had to make two batches! Luckily the 2nd batch was some of my best yet.)

--I've had lots of great opportunities this week to reconnect with some of the people in life that I don't get to see as frequently, and also plan some fun stuff with closer or newer friends--it's been wonderful. A great evening of amazing food on Thursday and tomorrow will be happy hour with one of my undergrad gals. The gals and I for sure decided to reinstate book club among the four of us, and I just roped one of my new classmate gals into training for a half-marathon with me.

--Said classmate and I are also planning a couple of backpacking excursions this summer, including what we hope will be a 2-3 day trip to Olympic NF. I just picked up the last item I needed to complete my backpacking gear (yea for REI dividends and 20% off coupons!), and I'm looking forward to her and I making this happen. She seems to be of the same physical and mental stamina so I think we'll make great outdoor partners. We're also hoping to take some of the other classmates on some day hikes as well.

--This last week I also had the opportunity to connect with a newer female friend who is going through a break-up. It's been nice being able to offer her some thoughts and support to help her with the process. Even in the midst of the worst moments of the divorce, I always thought in the back of my mind that I hoped that someday I would be able to help someone else based on having to go through the experience. Even though her situation is different, I do feel that it's been healing for myself as well to be able to help with guidance. She'll recover in her own way and time, but she's appreciating having some help also.

--After an interesting weekend, I've asked Housemate M to relocate as of the end of May and given him 30ish day notice. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will make this a smooth transition but I don't entirely trust the situation until it's resolved and over. My classmate is definitely contemplating taking his spot however and should she decide that it's the right decision for her, then she would move in early June and hope to stay for 8-12 months...which would probably be ideal all things considered. But we'll see. If not then I'll post and look for someone else. It's important to me to have my home be a healthy, trust-filled environment where people are actively pursuing a good lifestyle.

--A trip to Home Depot for more grass seed, artichoke plants, and pricing arbor materials was great for my spirits...and granted the OK on the project from the landlords. So I've been in talks with both my brother and father this week about the building project. I don't even know that I'd know what to do once the yard gets situated.... but I'm giddy with excitement just thinking about it!

What's been up in your world during the last week?!

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  1. That is exciting that you found a hiking buddy! It's always good to have people to do things like that with as hiking alone is really not ideal (especially for multi-day treks!). I hope that you continue to feel better and stronger. Good call on listening to your body and not pushing it.

    If we met up for HH tonight I'd tell you all the exciting details about my move! And I'd tell you that I feel like this string of positive things is payback for a really terrible, difficult year and that for the first time in a long time I can say, "life is good." I'd also tell you that it's great to have a string of social plans made and that I am surprised by how many people I want/need to see before I leave as it makes me realize that I have more of a network here than I thought I did.