Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Mid-Morning Chat

I wanted to do a "coffee or happy hour chat" except I haven't been drinking coffee since the fainting spell on Tuesday, as I'm not craving it and I figure my body doesn't need anything to amp it up these days :) I did actually have a beer last night for the first time in quite a while, as I've rarely been drinking in the last month or two either.

--Today is the first day that I've woken up and felt fairly decent. I've been having some weird sensations in my lower legs since mid-day yesterday but at least I woke up after 7ish hours of sleep and felt fairly well rested. I'm making myself eat routinely (& high calorie foods at that) and making sure that I drink at least 80oz of water everyday. Since Tuesday I have not done anything work or school related other than check/send emails and look at what homework needs to get done this weekend. I've really truly been trying to destress and just relax, and so yesterday also included finishing another book for fun while sitting on the back patio.

--Although....being on the back patio just makes me think of all the building projects I'd hoped to get done this spring, but I just have to accept that I don't think they're going to happen. For one, I can't move the coop or build a new arbor by myself. Two, the few people I've asked to help I know don't really want to do it and that makes the idea of construction a little less fun :) Three, while my father would do so, I don't really want to ask him to drive four hours to help with the process. But so I'm just trying to be patient and trusting that all things will happen in due time....even if it means delaying until next spring.

--That patient & trusting theme is apparent in many areas of life as of one thing I've been thinking about is switching to the 15 month option of the massage program. In so doing, I'd end at Christmas break rather than late September. I'd only have 2 classes this term and then have "lighter" terms for summer & fall. Originally I'd thought the 12 month plan would allow for September to be used to study for boards, but in looking over the schedule that option wouldn't work and so there's no incentive to really end in Sept at this point (other than speeding up the job search process). Both program options are the same cost, so I could also stretch payments out or pay it off in advance. It would mean continuing to need to rent room(s) until early next spring (but I'd already realized this was likely anyway to achieve financial goals), and I'd probably try to get a longer term stable option then. But the general theme would be that I would probably stress less (hopefully) but spreading out the timing.

--The good news in looking around the yard is that everything is flowering and my new grass is sprouting! :) I need to do some weeding and pruning (& probably some more grassing) but I'm happy to see things continuing to evolve. The azaleas are just about to bloom however, and before the whole episode this last week, Granny and I were able to plant one of my raised beds. I need to make little lattices for the clematis out front but most the rest of the easier projects I'm going to wait until I'm more rested next weekend. There are definitely some things I can do during the next week or two in the yard.

--While I'm obviously not the one doing any of the care, it's actually been really fun to have lil Alex here. Compared to a lot of little kids, he's really pretty quiet and also incredibly adorable. I'll have to post a picture in the week or so to come. But it's amazing to see how easily you can get used to toys being strung throughout the house :)

--Spring always makes me get that urge in my bones to clean out, to purge. Ironically I don't know that I have too much "stuff" that's excess these days, but I might have to go through my closet and organize or something.

--One of the things I'm loving most these days...are open windows and screen doors pulled. There's nothing quite like a spring time flow of air and happy spring time sounds. The dogs have been happily chasing the occasion fly that gets in, but it's so worth it. I'd take being a little too chilly with spring air over keeping the house heated any's just lovely!

--I've also been flooded with a LOT of memories from Louisiana in the last month or so. Kind of funny to have so many little moments returning but glad for most of them all the same. This might make a post of its own. But suffice it to say, this week I also overcame rice pudding making me teary, and I demolished a container of it in less than 24hrs :) Ha oh man!

I'm looking forward to my parent's stopping by for a bit and then I hope to get my first round of grading done today. Hope each one of you is enjoying a wonderful relaxing Saturday!

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  1. I am glad you are starting to feel better but are still taking it easy and listening to your body. That is important! It sounds like extending the program until December is a good idea, especially since the cost is the same and you can spread it out over a longer period of time.

    I love having windows open this time of year, too, but unfortunately my windows do not have screens on them here in Charlotte. :( I do have a patio door in my bedroom so have that open all the time so I can at least get some fresh air in my bedroom!