Friday, April 11, 2014

Health Update

Yesterday I went in to see a doctor (who was amazing) and have some tests run. A ct scan, ekg, and vials of blood later, so far everything is coming back within the normal range. I'm not anemic, my cortisol levels were fine (which the ND has been suggesting adrenal fatigue due to high cortisol levels), and my electrolytes and everything else were normal as well. No signs of inflammation and my kidney's appear to be working fine also (so dehydration at least as of yesterday wasn't the issue). 

Getting in to see a doctor can be a pain, but the level of care I receive once I'm there is always pretty amazing. The doctor had arranged for everything to be done stat so I was in the original doctor's office, through all the tests, and out the door in about three hours. He called me to discuss the results just as I'd walked into the grocery store on my way home from the clinic.

Since everything is coming back okay so far, he thinks it was just a weird fluke and a sign that my body needs me to rest even more. Even with the sleep issues he didn't think that'd be enough to necessarily cause the fainting. So per normal, he told me to rest, decrease stress, exercise a little less intensely, hydrate a ton, and keep eating how I've been eating but to also "maybe eat a damn hamburger, some fries, and a milkshake too." :) He had been a little worried that I had been exhausted and lethargic for two days but gave the example of a boxer who gets beat up in the ring with their head smacked around and that the boxer's body is exhausted and drained for a few days. So I'm to continue to rest and take it easy through this beautiful, sunny weekend.....

....Tuesday night I slept for 12 hours, Wednesday I snoozed and rested most the day, Wednesday night I had at least a solid 7 hours of sleep with another 2-3 yesterday morning. Yesterday I had all the appointments and then the house unfortunately needed cleaning (and my bed needed to be de-furred), but then I didn't really sleep deeply again last night (although I had a couple of good solid hours this morning). The whole episode of fainting did seem to make me stop caring for a while about all the "must get done" things and so last night I kept reminding myself that it doesn't do any good to stress over everything. I think that's going to be a big piece of the next few weeks....just reminding myself to let go, live, and not worry about everything. I also can't remember the last time I just focused on doing absolutely nothing for 4-5 days straight, it's amazingly restoring and uplifting.

In related destressing news: Housemate M and I had a really good conversation yesterday afternoon finally, discussing the last several months and our needs moving forward. Apparently he might be buying a house sooner rather than later after all, so we'll see what all transpires, but at least our conversation was healing in its own way. Granny is also going to my parents for a few weeks visitation so that also cuts down on the number of obligations and things to worry about. I'll definitely miss spending time with her, but it also will be nice to have a few less things to stress on. I let myself go back on Instagram if only cause I need something fun and uplifting to check up on :) God and I have been talking and I'm continually reminded that I need to depend more on Him. And I'm thinking about forgoing appointments with my ND for a while, if only to decrease the constant worry about what I should be doing better (although I might stick with monthly acupuncture.) My instructors and boss have continued to be amazing and even the dean of the massage program checked in to make sure I was okay since I'm rarely absent. My parents will be up on Saturday, my cousin is coming by to chat and hang out for a bit on Sunday, but really things just continue to be fairly low key which is needed. I'm still so grateful for the great support system that I do have from colleagues, classmates, friends, family, bosses, and instructors. And the whole experience has just continued to remind me to be...well grateful.....even of the dogs crazily running in circles in boredom on the bed. :)


  1. Well I am glad that the test results all came back ok and that your doctor was so thorough. Definitely take it easy and try to rest more than you usually would as that may have been your body's way of saying "slow the heck down lady!" That is awesome that the dean of your program checked in on you! I hope that you have a restful, restorative weekend!!

  2. oh i'm glad that the results came back normal (and that you got to the doctor!). It's just so hard to relax and recover in our fast paced society. I've been sick since Wednesday, took one day off work but i don't think it was enough...