Friday, April 4, 2014

2013 Review

Four months into 2014, but as I've been rereading posts from the year past I wanted to focus on the positives of 2013. Interesting to note that on New Year's 2013, I predicted that the year ahead would be full of challenges, while I already felt that 2014 was going to hold more of what I wanted for the future. So far, those words shared on that first day of last year, seem to be valid.

But in-between the up and down moments of 2013, there were some pretty amazing and phenomenal moments: TONS of outdoor trips, wonderful visits with some of my favorite out-of-state friends, restoring visits with Mom and Dad, finished projects, and a start to an additional life direction.

So without further ado and in no relevant order, the best of 2013:

An Amazing Week Long Summer Visit with my gal Christina:

Girls day hiking & celebration meals

Trying out kayaking again

Gaining comfort with biking

Getting to Be One of the Boys & Going White Water Rafting:

Finally checked white water rafting off the lifetime desire-to-do list and had a blast spending a few days at home on the water and getting to be one of the guys. A day hike and some camp antics, gorgeous drive views.

Overnight Backpacking Trips & Other Fun Times w/ Regular D:

Happy hours, sweating along trails, conversations over beers, simple moments full of smiles, sitting alongside each other on lake shores, enforcing that I learn to build a survivalist fire, float trip antics & car conversations, random they-were-going-to-throw-them-out flowers. This guy knows how to drive me absolutely crazy, supports and pushes me to regain myself, and is always bringing a smile. Not expected and not sure how long lived, but glad for our moments spent together as friends.

Simple enjoyable moments "Dating" the Ex & realizing its nonsustaining:

Hikes, a trail run, frisbee golf, the state fair, learning to paddleboard, brunch dates, movie rentals & pizza...simple, fun times together but always with that true connection, true honest communication, & trust just missing.

A Wonderful Mid-Summer Visit w/ Cait:
Loved, loved, loved spending an evening with one of my best gals. Sushi dinner, trips around the high lights of NW PDX, and laughter time w regular D's comic antics.

Outdoor Adventures & Friendship w/ Housemate M:

Last year I couldn't have asked for a better timed renter. Housemate M was a great outdoor companion and was oh so completely uplifting, helping me adjust to my single self and allowing me to gain comfortable in learning to give again to another. 

Springbreak Road Trip to the Redwoods & San Francisco:

Housemate M's first official road trip, camping in the Redwoods, visiting my two MPH girls and catching up with an old undergrad friend, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge w/ one of the most entertaining veterans, exploring Berkeley, and trail running thru Muir Park.

My Parents:
Honest to God, these two...they saw me through. Mom indulged my crazy while Dad's calmness always arrived in time to steady the boat and set the anchor in place. They came to help out in the yard and around the house, to set my foundation upright, and also let me care for them in return. The simple moments with them visiting for weekends were some of the greatest of the year.

Redoing the front yard, back yard/patio & house changes:

Honestly being tasked out by the landlords to work my vision on the front of the house truly gave me something to pour my creative energy into at the start of the summer. While simple, cheap decorative additions were made to the patios for the summer, they at least felt a bit more together for hosting get-togethers, and my home finally was organized and decorated to truly feel inspiring and a place of comfort.

Food Preserving & Summer Fun w Granny:
Last year saw the garden going, peaches/blueberry/apples/pears picked and preserved, and lots of other local food moments.

Started Massage School:
Brain got stimulated, my capacity for people widened, & life started heading in a new direction.

Made a Total of 800 Miles:
A mix of routine running, hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, and backpacking got us to cover 800 miles in the year of 2013--more than we would have ever expected. Regular exercise kept the dogs smiling and moods enhanced, new trails stimulated my mind and soul, and in the later part of the year I also added in a bit of yoga.

Other highlights not pictured: simple moments with family (happy hours, brunches & celebrations, summer Granny celebrations, and quality time with my cousin A), easy moments spent over food or coffee with dear local friends, and simple needed moments just relaxing in the back yard.

It may not have held everything I'd hoped but 2013 was a year of much growth, amazing outdoor opportunities, help with closing doors, and movement toward heading life in an complementary parallel new direction.


  1. I always love reading these recap posts as it's cool see all the fun things a person included in their year. I know that 2013 held more than a reasonable share of challenges for you but it's nice to see that you can look back and find a lot of great things that happened. I feel that way about my year of 2013 as well. All in all, it was probably my least favorite year of my life, but I fit a lot of fun things in to distract myself.

    1. You're the best at commenting--I love it! Sending you a big hug this weekend and glad that we're both headed toward better things :)