Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lady Made Her Move

I'm afraid to even post about this as it might just jinx the situation, but Lady was transported to her new (trial) home a week ago on Wednesday. The vet gave her the all clear (and a rabies shot) that Monday, I picked her up a pheromone collar on the way home to try to ease her stress, and on Wednesday afternoon I drove her the 35 minutes across town to her new residence (with her yeowling in anger all the way). I'm not going to lie, I got a little teary about saying goodbye and per usual, I'm slightly waiting to see how the situation evolves, but I'm hopeful that this really will be the best thing for her. She has wanted so much more attention in the last six months than I would ever be able to give and as much as I'd truly grown to love the lil Lady, I want her needs to be taken care of. When I let her out of the kennel and into her new space, she was a little unsure (as expected) and kept coming towards me for attention and as if she was ready to head home but I have no doubts that her new owner is so ready to have her. The last text message I received was that Lady was full of affection (but still somewhat adjusting), and if that's the case, then I am incredibly happy that she is now in a spot that can provide the love that she needs. I hope she continues to adapt and hopefully relax into the new environment in the weeks ahead. 

The whole experience made me realize that even though I approach my animals a bit more removed than some, I am much more emotionally attached than I knew and I'm not looking forward to the time when any of the other three might no longer be with me. I definitely love all of my fur crew....and it's a bit strange to now be down to three.


  1. oh my!!! That sounds awful! I too am home resting, definitely a combo of stress and cold germs from my little preschool aged clients (and standing outside in the freezing rain for 20min at a daycare Tuesday). It is amazing what 12hrs of sleep can do though.... Feel better!
    (ps, I feel ridiculously thankful that finances don't even come into consideration for me when I have to see a doctor- one bonus of Canadian healthcare :) )

    1. EcoY, definitely enjoy that free health care. We'll see how all this turns out as I shelled out $60 in co-pays today and I'll have lab and other fees that arrive in the next weeks. They ran a CT scan, EKG, and several vials of blood work today---most of which is coming back normal--which is good! Continuing to try to rest and relax. Hope you are feeling better soon too :)

  2. Aw, I am sure it was tough to say goodbye to her. I know it was for the best given the issues you were having with Lady and the other pets but I am sure it was still tough to part ways. It's good to know that she is in great hands, though, and will be loved.