Thursday, November 22, 2012

Midnight Thanksgiving Gratitudes

Throughout the duration of the month, I've been posting at least once each day (on FB) the things/events/etc of which I'm thankful, but in reality if I posted as many items as the ones that cross my mind day in and day out, I think I'd drive people a little batty.

Here are the ones I've posted thus far:

Nov 1: Today I'm thankful for a little thing that has big outcomes: Health Insurance...and my first trip to the dentist in several years--woot woot!

Day 2: healthy coping strategies---blueberry smoothies, books to challenge thinking, happy hour with my cousin, running in the rain, and extra sleep!!

Day 3: IPhone5 converts talking into written emails. For a verbal processor... life is REVOLUTIONIZED!!!!! Grateful for small joys & feeling like a kid on Xmas! :)

Day 4: for TIME. Time to think, process, dream, and hope. Time to worry, pray, plan, and recharge. Time with loved ones. Time shared in support & encouragement of others. Time to create memories & learn new things. TIME

Nov 5: two beautiful, crazy, demanding, expressive companionable fur friends. They're great running/hiking partners & equally loving and protective daily. I wasn't a dog lover but Im so glad these two ladies wormed their way so strongly into my life!

#5.2: the beauty of unlocked FB profiles and google makes running searches on potential housemates that much easier! :)

#6: this year I didn't want to vote and it's been a hassle trying to turn my ballot in. BUT I'm grateful for the right to CHOOSE to participate in the process--a right that so many others across the world don't have. AND I'm grateful that praying for the president is free, easy, & widely accepted

Nov 7: the beauty of fall leaves. Their vivid colors. The carpet they create under trees. The joy of kicking thru them and the natural exercise from raking them. Gorgeous!

Nov 8: celebration of birthdays. Happy birthday to one of the most phenomenal ladies I know back home and to the man who has had my sister's heart for over twenty years! Happy, happy birthday Bob & Kristi!

Nov 9: Granny. For all the sputtering, sports lessons, companionship, "ribbing," & laughter. A woman so hardy, so determined, so full of life & fun, so willing to uphold the right path & yet also push the envelope, so intelligent who still everyday "put her face on," so stubborn yet so kind---I cant count the ways this special lady has formed & taught me over the last 9 years. They just don't make 'em quite of the same variety anymore!!!

Nov 10: Grateful to wake up to this view after a night of chatting & vino w/ 3 great gals.

Nov 11: most thankful for sermons that provide answers I've been looking for and for worshiping with so many other believers!!!! "Have you invested to your fullest the skills, abilities, & talents God gave you? Never to young or old to do so."

#12: Major. His quirky cat personality..and his prey catching abilities.

13: Thankful for Dad--a believer of walking his talk by serving: 20+ yrs military, as an incredible parent, at the church, & via his daily actions. He taught me to swing a bat, swim laps, use a hammer, mow the lawn, caulk the tub, to drive, to love unconditionally, & so much more. He supports me in all decisions and reminds me to be kinder. There are not enough words to express how phenomenally I was blessed!!

14: Grateful for fulfilling morning wake-ups...and those first satisfying sips of coffee!

14.2: appreciative that in response to my "hi" greeting during my sweaty afternoon run with the dogs, the old man responded with "you're beautiful"...why thank you!!

Nov 15: grateful to reflect on Poppa, who passed in 2003. Always a twinkle in his eye, a man full of wisdom, and who believed strongly in education. The biggest humanitarian I've met and yet also a traditionalist-- all based in his theology. A builder with vivid dreams, yet who worried so we didn't have to ;) Never napped--just "rested his eyes." Full of unconditional love and the utmost belief in the beauty of nature & his family.

15.2: SO thankful for a wonderful visit today with my baby cousin and her great husband who finished his first deployment. SO incredibly proud of these two and fortunate to have spent a couple hours catching up!

16: thankful (& surprised) I actually demonstrated 2 traits I struggle with: patience & arriving on time! (Esp when the new google maps feature incl a direction of flipping a B in the middle of Ross Island bridge--ha, haha!) :)

Nov 17: Thankful that every day has the potential to be a new day..and that 2012 is almost over.

17.2: I have no qualms with saying it: thank God for amazing therapists. My entire day just got lifted.

#18: grateful for Mom, who taught me to enjoy the spoken word and relish the written ones. A lady who demonstrated following your passion & that you can go to school at any age, who put her heart into her job She marches to her own drummer, reaches out to more people than you could imagine, and knows how to sweep dissatisfaction under the rug. Her role model pushed me to be a better milspouse and to pursue careers that I love. 

#19: Incredibly thankful for tuition waivers that are going to grant me TEN free credits---woot woot!

19.2: oddly... thankful for my friends & family that have pet allergies, as it ensures my house gets defurred and cleaned at least once a week!!
19.3: VERY thankful for happy hour, for weather that reminds me of home, and the fact that skinny jeans & tall boots makes one avoid that Oregon soaked jean look. ;)

#20: thankful for my ol hometown dudes who continue to make me smile 11-16 years later. (more to this but that's the gist)

#21: incredibly thankful for a rewarding job I love and the most amazing supervisor!

....and now we're to Thanksgiving. I intend to keep going until the end of the month of November, but I have to say....being continuously mindful of my gratitudes has done wonders...and it keeps me looking for the positives out of life...which is a good way to be. Sure I've still had rough moments, hours, days thrown in...but I've also been feeling the reality of just how fortunate of a life I have lived and have yet to live.

Some of the others things crossing my mind that I haven't yet mentioned and others that I thought of but just didn't post as statuses:

---My three incredibly different older siblings and the determination and traits each one of them has shown me via their lives. And my gal Deir, who pretty much is another sister to me.
---My gal pals in Portland, my high school best ladies, my milspouses, and my gals spread out across the states.
---V8: 2 servings of veggies in 70 calories
---My extended family relationships, especially the continual support that exudes from my nearby aunt.
---A warm, full home that more than meets my needs....and the reality that I can probably maintain it.
---The ability to heat my house, have a vehicle to drive, clothes to wear, and have food in my cupboards.
---My health: the strength that has increased over the last several months across many aspects of health--physically, socially, spirituality.
---Running: finally being able to go farther than I've ever gone.
---The flavor of sticks, in coffee creamer, in Starbucks lattes, in ice cream...etc.
---Living in a nation that while conflicted, still grants me access and opportunity unlike many others.
---The willingness of individuals to serve each other and/or the nation via the military, volunteering, the line of work, and other venues.
---Check in text messages from friends near and far.
---Tonight's text debate with Tall D regarding the (cough cough) moral standards of the infantry and what it means to be an officer/leader (this should be a post in itself.....), but the debate was solid, gave me food for thought while also validating many of my previously held opinions.
---Thankful that Tall D has been able to spend the week with his "fam" and that while emotions are still high at times and space SHOULD be imposed, it's still nice to check-in with each other about life.
---For the Sorento and the joy it's brought me to drive it over the last year....especially in the moments of having two dog heads showing up in my rearview mirror.
---Lazy days spent lounging and grading in bed.
---That my homeless student found short-term housing and will be pursuing the rest of his degree next term.
---Flannel sheets and plump pillows.
---Time shared over meals and drink with family & friends.
---"Family" overseas.
---Access to education, doctors, social support.

I could go on and on because the list of items to appreciate is never ending. Incredibly grateful for what I (and we as a collective whole) do have. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  1. It has been lovely to see all those messages on facebook the past few weeks. I wish I had done the same thing. I have been trying to remember all that I have lately, sometimes when you are going through junk you can't concentrate on the good, but that is my focus for this season! Seeing all the other messages out there help as a daily reminder :-)

  2. I'm glad you've enjoyed it! It seriously has helped me look for the positives---no reason ya couldn't do a blessings in december list :)PS I'm grateful for YOU gal too--you've been an awesome blogger friend!