Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lecture Coverage

Tuesday Lecture:
(dress: Thifted; belt & cardigan: Target; boots: Penney's)

Wednesday Lecture:
(dress, cardigan, flats: Target; belt: from a different dress)

Interestingly, I didn't realize until now just how similar these outfits were nor did I remember that I'd worn the same cardigan the night before. (Although it did dawn on me yesterday that this cardigan is becoming a go-to piece.) The dress in the bottom picture is one I actually bought on clearance last winter but have yet to wear because even though the length is to my knee, the slit in the back makes me nervous!

....and this is a "younger," attractive (and now single) female instructor, I make an effort to ensure that I am always covered, ie no cleavage, skirts long enough, etc. The downside is that I also tend to overheat when I instruct because a) I always have a ton of adrenaline coursing thru my body and b) I also tend to be a pacer when I teach, ie I move around a lot. Thus I try to balance professional coverage with enough air flow to keep me from sweating too extreme! The other downside is that the best way to dress my body also usually highlights two of my assets, ie I have nice legs and large breasts, thus almost regardless of what I wear my legs and breast size are obvious. Problem ensues: I teach at a community college where the average age of the student is 27 (and last year I worked primarily with male veteran students about my age....). Thus each term I've received at least one inappropriate email sent by a (male) student regarding extra "interest" in the course that I'm teaching. While these emails could be seen as complimentary, I also find them wildly inappropriate (and always make sure to let the student know they are indeed inappropriate and unprofessional), especially when I really do take the time to ensure that most my work outfits are professional and appropriate. Even in my personal life, I'm frequently told that I choose modesty over exposure, so it's frustrating when these emails happen. 

Thoughts? Suggestions? Should I just start wearing a garbage sack? Or just "reframe" the interest to be complimentary and continue to deal with the emails in an appropriate/professional fashion?


  1. I say take it as a compliment, and keep the e-mails until after they are no longer your student! Am I wildly inappropriate saying that, probably...But, I figure, you are young, your students are essentially the same age as you, I think that if you connect with someone, after they finish being your student, why not?!

  2. Oh that is tough. I work in a male dominated industry so I try to do the same. I do not want to be noticed for my body, but it's tough because most of what I wear accents my best asset (my legs), so I get of a lot looks that I call 'the 1, 2' - which is the oh so obvious full body scan. When I traveled to Charlotte for the first time and went out with our traders, one of them left a note in my iPhone (no idea how he got ahold of it) saying he would date me... Awkward!

    I think you should continue to dress like you do and just accept that you are going to get those inappropriate emails from time to time. Not easy, but it's the way it goes, I guess!