Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happiness Is...

A couple weeks ago my cousin mentioned in a passing text comment that I am now a MUCH happier version of myself than in recent past years.......and I'd have to agree. In some ways I hate to admit that moving on has seriously returned a smile to my face, a confidence to my stride, and less knots in my muscles, but it's incredibly true. Sure I cried my fair sure...and every once in a while I still do...but I promise you, I'm smiling much more than I have in a long, long time. Does that mean life is perfect? Ha, by no means....but it does mean that there is a LOT to be happy about...and there's something about having the freedom to be me again that just makes life feel lighter, happier, free.....

So what's happy inducing these days:

---Comfortable, organized homes. Every time I walk in the door...I LOVE my home. I love the pictures, the ethnic and earthy elements. The zebra rug. The thick stripes painted around the dining area. The throw blankets and pillows, the focus on the fireplaces, and the candles. Yup....LOVE it.

---Teaching about stuff I'm passionate about aka the last two weeks we cover chapters on infectious diseases (FASCINATING! and I get on my soapbox about antibacterial products), cancer (and I get on my soapbox about chemical/toxin exposures), relationships and SEX. Yup..."let's talk about sex, baby..."

---Argyle sweaters. And days of stripes. Say no more.

---Rehoming the chickens....yep, with mixed feelings they got rehomed today. Most responses I've had from a craigslist ad ever....and a gentle giant relocated them to North Portland. No joke....he was taller than Tall D and had the deep voice of a lil giant....nice guy....and now, no more early morning feedings and hopefully no more rats either.

---Birds flitting in the bushes outside the windows.

---Focusing on getting my finances in order, including suspending my regular monthly charity donations that I realized were only adding to the unfortunate debt on my credit card AND securing a housemate for the month of December.

---Grilled Banana Sandwich. Split it with a friend folks and thank me (& pinterest) later. A-MA-ZING!

---Driving the Sorento...seriously. I've never been so in love with a vehicle every.single.time I get behind the wheel.

---Sweating. Insanity. Running. These slow jogs I'm doing just to get mileage in...and always with a smile on my face as I'm smacking my gum. Feeling my core working.

---The dogs pre-run. Some days I'm not too keen on taking them, but they win me over every time...The minute they start to see running clothes going on, they're in my face, and serious Anna gets her excited grin and whimper going....who can say no to that?!

---The dogs at bedtime. Both hop up on the empty side...and I try to read or grade...and they will have none of that until they get their ample love and pet time.

---Cleaning with natural products. Today I brought the baking soda and vinegar back.

---Hearing my own opinion in my head first 85% of the time, rather than the doubts of another arriving first.

---Reconnecting with my version of how the world works and realigning my values on spiritual, family, social, communicative levels...and embracing many of the opportunities that exist should one go looking for them.

---Being a better friend & family member again...and all the great moments spent in enjoyment with individuals from those categories.

---Morning cups of coffee....and a carton of eggnog in the fridge to hit that evening sweet tooth spot.

---Fireplace fires.

---Spending an evening nose deep reading nerdy international health books for fun.

---Being creative. Being inspired.

---Seeing Christmas lights going up on houses.

---Fun text exchanges and Facetime conversations.

---New Girl episodes.

---Accomplishing goals and finishing projects: productivity.

---Major's announcement that he's arrived in the mornings and should be let in. (The cat sounds slightly like a bird...)

---A post-work out shower.

---Throwback songs on the Ipod.

---The ebb and flow of routine but flexible days.

---New experiences.

---Helping others...and moments when students disclose how much they're learning.

---Holiday decorations, smells, and peppermint flavor.

---Classes wrapping up for the holiday season.

Yup, much is bringing happiness these days folks. What are you happy about lately?!


  1. Lovely to read such a positive upbeat post from you after your difficult year.

    The line that struck me was "Hearing my own opinion in my head first 85% of the time, rather than the doubts of another arriving first", that sounds a good place to be.

    1. Thanks willow...and yes, I agree. Hope you're having a good December!